Our Team

Ever wondered who is behind The Vurger Co?

Starting as a team of two, we can't wait to update you on our team as we progress and build our business. 


So who are we and how did we get here? 

After a decade working in London and building our careers in Luxury Fashion Buying and Finance we took a well earned holiday to the US to celebrate a big birthday! This was a life changing trip and a discovery of the wonders of plant based food and how it really can be the future! Food always has been and always will be the biggest passion of ours and switching to a plant based way of life changed everything. We also discovered that food really does heal the soul - Neil's chronic stomach issues completely disappeared after 10 years of suffering through various tests and treatments and we both felt better than ever! We also felt so much more in tune with the world around us. By watching documentaries, reading some awesome books and educating ourselves on where food really does come from we have seen the general impact that our global food system has on the planet. 

We were desperate to combine our passion for eating out in London with delicious natural plant based food but really struggled to find what we were looking for. The beauty of simple, nutritious food just seemed to be missing. So we set about providing soul-satisfying plant based food and so The Vurger Co was born. Starting on the 14th August at Tottenham Green Market we sold our first Vurger and haven't looked back since. Trading in markets and our very own pop up spaces whilst still working full time was certainly a challenge, however our passion and energy for the bigger goal has pushed us through,

2017 will see us open our first permanent space! Our mission is simple: to revolutionise fast food forever through the power of plants and we simply can't wait to welcome you all to our new home. News coming as soon as possible! In the mean time please follow us and spread the Vurger love, we couldn't be more thankful for your support! 

The Vurger Co founding team of two,

Rachel & Neil