Your instagram account @mind_body_bowl is wonderfully honest, you support and collaborate with others and have become the go to inspiration for many women across the world! Tell us about what made you get started in this area? 

It all began at a time that I felt rubbish! I was constantly exhausted, had lots of digestive issues and subsequently felt pretty miserable. I decided to take responsibility for it and begin to explore what I could do for myself and my instagram and blog were an outlet for that. I never thought I would end up doing what I do now, it was just an attempt to get myself feeling good again!

Tell us about how important social media has been to the success of your career to date? 

I have had such an amazing few years getting to where I am today - it has certainly helped me to find opportunities that I didn't know existed. But I think the important thing is to remember that while social media is everyone's key conversational topic, it is essentially just a modern marketing tool.

For me, my instagram and blog were never about selling anything, so it's been an interesting transition as I start to use it to advertise my classes and retreats. I try to maintain a balance between that and keeping my authentic voice so that I don't loose touch with why I started it all.


Being a yoga teacher, do you ever feel the need to step away from social media to regain some kind of normality? 


I think we all need to take time away from time to time. I have definitely noticed that I use personal social media a LOT less. I can go for weeks without logging on to my private instagram because I'm not really interested in it after spending time every day on my Mind Body Bowl account. I think it is getting more and more important to be mindful about the way that we consume social media and be aware of addictive behaviours. It can we so easy to get lost in mindlessly scrolling, comparing to others etc but if we are aware of what that can do to us then we can be a bit more sensible about it!

Be kind. Always. To ourselves, to each other and to the earth. 
— Annie Clarke
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I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that have been created as a byproduct of social media but it is also so interesting to see people's behaviour shift.

For example, now that there is access to so much free information and tools online, consumers seem much less willing to pay for things. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make really high quality videos for my YouTube channel and it was costing me a fortune and then I realised that it isn't sustainable for that to come out of my pocket if I haven't got other ways to support it that students, consumers and followers are willing to pay for. It's hard to strike the balance and its a constant learning curve. I guess it is a great driver to ensure that I am being proactive without wasting time on things that don't add value to what I can offer.

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Everyone would claim they are busy and too focussed on their career to adopt any wellness activities into their lifestyle, what would be your best advice to help with this? 


I think sometimes saying we are too busy, or too tired, makes us more so. Wellness is not the same for each of us and I'm pretty sure no one is too busy to move a little more, eat a few more vegetables, take one conscious breath and put their recycling in the right bins. It's about building simple habits that can be sustained at the busiest of times, because that is when we need them most.

@m ind_body_bowl


It’s about building simple habits that can be sustained at the busiest of times, because that is when we need them most.
— Annie Clarke


Congratulations on your amazing book on Amazon now! which is all about empowering you to make the best balanced decision for you, did you face any challenges whilst writing your book?


Thank you! Definitely - firstly I'm dyslexic, so writing a book seemed like a huge challenge. The other thing was that it was originally agreed that it would be a recipe book but as I was writing it I realised that I would be only sharing such a small part of the story in terms of what I believe wellness to be.


So I had to completely restructure it, persuade the publisher that it was better that way and then spend the time figuring out what it was that I actually wanted to share! It was a really helpful process in terms of knowing what I want to focus on going forward!


What advice would you have for any budding writers out there? 

I get asked this a lot - it seems that everyone wants to publish a book! Which is amazing, but it isn't easy. Writing is such an amazing thing to do if you enjoy it and if your heart is set on a book then go for it. But expect criticism, knock backs and a bumpy road! 

What drives you to succeed?


The people around me. I don't have myself down as an 'entrepreneur' or 'business woman', I'm just lucky enough to be able to support myself by sharing what I love. I want to hold space for people to connect to themselves a little more and so that is one of the biggest drivers for me. 

What is your go to dinner when you're cooking at home? 

At the moment its steamed broccoli, with tahini, sesame oil, tamari and nutritional yeast and grilled tofu. So weird and boring but sometimes when there is so much food in your life, its nice to keep things simple.

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Where is next on your travel radar? 

I have a retreat in Thailand in January next year which I am really excited about. 3 of my friends have moved abroad this autumn so I am adding in visits to Singapore and Australia to visit them! I'll be away for a few weeks, some work, some holiday and I'm pretty excited about doing some events on the other side of the world in between catching up with my favourite people! 


If you could ask the world to change or amend anything what would it be and why? 


Be kind. Always. To ourselves, to each other and to the earth. 


We absolutely adore Annie, her zest for life and serious passion and energy, thank you for answering our questions and allowing us to get to know you even more! Check out Annie's profile here and you can buy her book here