MAY 2017


We literally had the most exhilarating, exhausting yet unbelievably awesome weekend at Balance Festival! We received the most positive feedback about our food, had people running across the festival to find us to ensure we hadn't sold out yet and a few celebrities in the mix too!! Huge thank you to Balance Festival for having us and an even bigger thank you to each and every one of you who came to see us, try out our food and then come back for seconds and thirds ..... you are all superstars!! x


Honestly one of the best burgers i’ve ever had, i’m a meat eater but this was something else!!
Carrying my Vurger.. I was stopped every 30 seconds with people celebrating how good it looked
— @thefolloweroffitness


''Vegan burger anyone? OMG these are literally incredible by @thevurgerco highly recommend!''