National Vegetarian Week pop up

MAY 2017

Celebrating National Vegetarian week with you all was amazing! We set up our pop up in The Pillbox Kitchen for 3 evenings and we couldn't have been happier with the response! You came, you ate and conquered the Vurgers, ate tons of Vurger Truffle mac n cheese and literally couldn't get enough of our new slaw! 

Seriously thank you for all your support! We are working hard behind the scenes to find our permanent home, if you see anywhere please let us know!! We need to serve these Vurgers to you! 

We have met some serious superstars along this journey, people who have gone to the ends of the earth to help us out! For that we are eternally grateful, so as we always say, keep eating and we'll keep serving ;) 


Thank you for making it so easy to be Vegan
— veganluiza
Feast fit for a Vegan queen
— @lauracmeehan


''Votch and Vurger date night... MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!