Dr Wills Sauces @ The Vurger Co Pop Up

A lot of people have asked us about what sauces we use and why do they taste so damn good!

So we wanted to share how we found the most incredible natural sauce brand Dr Wills!

Is Sauce important?

Building our Vurgers right in the very beginning, we knew that the key to a gorgeous taste would be a great sauce, that was both in keeping with our brand ethos yet tasted absolutely amazing. It was a difficult process, testing, tasting ensuring the flavours both complimented yet didn’t over power the veggies in our patties, and we finally found the most dreamy sauce!

Dr Wills!

One late evening working into the early hours of the night, we came across the brand called Dr Wills! FINALLY…. Clean sauces that are all natural, with no added sugar, free from gluten and dairy …. It’s literally a miracle and a dream come true.

The Dr Will’s range of sauces currently boast a Clean Ketchup, Clean Beets, and Clean BBQ sauce. So after an email exchange with the wonderful co-founder Josh, The Vurger Co received its first delivery of the sauces just in time for our Pop up on the 15th October.

The Taste Test

We placed the sauces in our pop up, to gauge your reaction, and it couldn’t have been any better! The days of needing sauces full of chemicals, refined sugars and unnecessary ingredients is long gone! You all absolutely adored the Clean Beets sauce with your sweet potato fries and loved the BBQ sauce on the side with your Vurger.

Thank You

So finally what can we say but a huge Thank You to the wonderful guys at Dr Wills for creating such a great product that not only do we feel supports our recipes so perfectly, but that we know contains just natural products that will not harm your body.

We feel a Dr Wills sauce x The Vurger Co collaboration coming along? What do you all think?

Thank you guys for believing in our brand and helping us last minute with such great sauces,

I hope to see your products at Planet Organic ASAP!

Have a great day,

The Vurger Co Team xo