Happy #worldveganday everyone! So what is this world celebration?

Vegan day was created on 1st November 1993 as a way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan society and the term ‘VEGAN’.

Raising awareness and imparting knowledge of the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a Vegan lifestyle is exactly what this day will achieve. This is a great day for Vegans all across the world to celebrate the amazing lifestyle they have immersed themselves into and reach out to others to help explain and provide guidance on how to achieve a more ethical lifestyle.

There are over half a million Vegans in the U.K, and after World Vegan Day and the efforts that people put into this day all over the world, many people have become Vegan and never looked back. We would say that’s a successful day’s work!


Whether you’re hosting a Vegan party, attending a Vegan festival or wondering what does becoming Vegan mean to you,  there are a whole host of amazing places to discover and learn more. Getting involved is really easy, whether it’s your first steps to a change in diet or you’re a Vegan whizz in the kitchen, London really does cater to the best Vegan eateries in the UK, just follow @vegansofldn for the best Vegan options to eat around London.


Close to half of all vegans are in the 15-34 year old category (source:Vegan Society) meaning the future looks pretty bright to us. The public perception of Veganism is changing for the better, no longer do people look upon this as a negative movement thanks to the help and support of Vegan celebrities, the positive media portrayal and life changing documentaries.

Everyone has their own journey to Veganism, ours happened this year, after a change in diet immediately we saw great things happening combined with an amazing documentary called ‘Unity’ narrated by some inspiring celebrities and an eye opening trip to the West Coast of America where we saw the movement happening at rapid speed.

Coming back to London and understanding and educating ourselves, we really saw that there was no other way forward. We are of course on our own little journey, taking it day by day and opening our eyes and ears to the changes that are happening in the world.

However one thing is for sure, The Vurger Co was born from this humble beginning and we know that the future looks bright for Veganism both on World Vegan Day and beyond!

Have an awesome day everyone and check out our instagram post for a special 1 day competition!!!

The Vurger Co Team xo