The Vurger Co – The story so far!

So it’s nearly Christmas, and with the smell of mulled wine in the air and the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells nearly upon us, we wanted to take a rare moment of calm to reflect on what has been an incredible journey so far, and look forward to what is to come in 2017. We started this crazy adventure with nothing more than what we felt was a great idea, bucket-loads of energy and passion and a dream to revolutionise fast food forever.

It’s very easy when life is crazy and busy to not stop and take stock. This blog was started right from the very beginning because we wanted to share what we knew would be an unbelievable ride. We wanted to show that The Vurger Co is the dream of two very passionate people giving their hearts and souls to making it happen. But we also knew that it would almost act as our diary, our journal of what is already the most incredible experience of our lives. Something we could read back in years to come and re-live the amazing memories. Sometimes our posts are practical, sometimes they are informative, sometimes we are raving about other businesses we love and sometimes they are very personal and emotional. This is one of the latter, so here goes!


This week marks four months since our very first day of trading at Tottenham Green Market. We turned up that day with a van full of all sorts of things that we thought we might need and enough food for a week’s worth of trading! Better to be over-prepared, we thought! Whilst we didn’t sell out that first week (not even close!) we felt more alive than we had ever felt before. The buzz of selling something you have created from nothing, and having people come back to the stall to tell us how great it was and how much they enjoyed – it’s an indescribable feeling. It was immediate validation for the hours of preparation and the stress and panic of being a million miles from our comfort zones. It was totally addictive – we worked in our ‘real’ jobs through the week and spent every hour of every weekend either preparing or selling our food. Stressful, exhausting and surprisingly expensive – absolutely, but overall just the most satisfying thing we could ever have wished to do.

Week by week, Vurger by Vurger, we built our little business slowly. We have met hundreds of wonderfully kind people. So many of our amazing customers are repeat customers, and lots of our customers have eaten with us so many times even we’ve lost count – you know you are! We’ve just finished our fourth pop up at the Pill Box Kitchen in Bethnal Green and the transition from market stall to restaurant pop up has been incredible. We’ve been able to broaden the menu, start putting our stamp on the whole experience and give our customers a warm, relaxing and beautiful space to enjoy whilst you tuck into our food. The response has been truly overwhelming and we have welcomed so many incredible people through our temporary doors. Our pop up pages on this site try to capture a collection of your wonderful comments and pictures and it’s been an absolute honour to be able to feed you all with what we believe to be the future of fast food.


Locally sourced wherever possible, totally natural, simple, wholesome and delicious food, lovingly crafted into one of the most accessible and informal dishes the world has ever known – the burger! No junk, no meat substitutes and no artificial additives. Just simple vegetables and natural produce combined in a way that lets the ingredients be the stars of the show.

As newcomers this year to veganism, we were shocked by how complicated veggie burgers had become. Meat substitutes, complex combinations, artificial flavours, deep frying – we couldn’t help but feel that there was a much simpler way. An eye-opening trip to the US earlier this year also showed us that simple plant-based food can create a movement, a revolution in fast food, and we couldn’t wait to show London what the future really can look like. It’s back to basics cooking with a forward-looking lens. Vegan, yes, but more than that, we aim to produce simply great food for EVERYONE in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Delicious fast food and health-conscious are no longer mutually exclusive, and we are proud to share our journey into the future with you all.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have never looked forward to the New Year more than we do right now. Christmas has always been a wonderful time, but this year is very different. This time, we are starting the year with purpose, with a dream and with a plan that we are so proud and excited to share with you all.

As most of you know, we are still working full time in our ‘real’ jobs whilst we try with our hearts and souls to get The Vurger Co off the ground. This means very late nights, very divided attention and general exhaustion the vast majority of the time. We always said that we would push through until Christmas and decide at that point what the next steps would be, knowing very well that if we were going to push on and make The Vurger Co a permanent reality, we would need to give it our full time attention.

So the first step, is exactly that. As of the first week of January, one half of The Vurger Co (the better half!) will be our first full time employee. Our instincts are screaming at us to jump, our customers are screaming at us to open a full time space and our brains are screaming at us to say that we’ve been careful enough and it’s time to move forward. Rachel will be leading the charge and spending January putting our plans into action, before Neil joins her full time very shortly afterwards.

In short, our plan is to open our first permanent location in the first quarter of 2017. There’ll definitely be some pop ups before that, to keep the momentum building in the New Year, but it’s all building towards that first space that we can finally call home. We are working incredibly hard on the premises, the design and the menu, having already learned so much from all your wonderful feedback so far.


As soon as we have some concrete news, we’ll share it immediately, and in the mean time, we would be honoured if you would keep sharing The Vurger Co love! Keep coming to eat with us, keep telling us what you think we’re doing well, what we could be doing better and what you’d like to see from us in 2017.

Join us this Sunday 18th  from 12pm to 4pm to see out 2016 with a festive bang. One last toast to 2016 and another toast to 2017 – we seriously can’t wait to get started.


Words don’t come close to expressing our eternal gratitude to every single person who has spent their hard-earned money with us. You have made us believe that our dream to revolutionise fast food is absolutely possible and within reach, and given us the strength and confidence to leave our ‘safe’ lives behind and jump head first into the unknown. It’s terrifying, challenging and entirely unpredictable in every single way, but it’s totally exhilarating and it simply wouldn’t be possible without your incredible support.

We promise that we will continue to give absolutely everything we’ve got, and more if at all possible, to bringing you our soul-satisfying, plant-based deliciousness. We promise that we will continue to keep things super simple – simple ingredients, simple cooking, simple nutrition and simply bursting with flavour. We promise to continue sharing our blessings in life with those less fortunate and those seeking to do what we are privileged to have the chance to do, which is try to change our lives for the better. We promise to always give you our very best and to make sure your decision to share your time and money with us is never wasted. We promise to do absolutely everything in our power to open our doors permanently as quickly as possible and to make our home a place that you are also proud to call yours too. We promise to continue learning from great minds, wonderful people and our own mistakes!

Most of all we promise to give you our authentic best selves every single day and never take for granted a single customer, message, email, tweet, comment or review.

Thanks so much for reading, and supporting us on every step.

To the future!