Welcome to The Vurger Co

Thank you very much for finding The Vurger Co! With our humble passionate beginnings, we hope you love reading about our new vegetable based burgers and enjoy tasting them even more!


Humble beginnings

Watching a documentary this year on the bad effects of refined sugar, meat and dairy on your body and with a debilitating health issue we knew it was time for a change! So we overhauled our diet, cut out these things and set on the path of a vegetarian diet.

Seeing the incredible progress made, we saw first-hand how we had so much more energy to face the day ahead!

However, combining our new diet with our passion for eating and discovering the latest restaurants in London didn’t mix. The one ‘vegetarian’ option on a menu wasn’t appetising or the remote plant based burger didn’t appeal.

So The Vurger Co was born!


Our vision

We are armed with passion to make great burgers made entirely from vegetables, grains and delicious seeds and nuts. The vegetable based burger finally takes centre stage on our menu!

We celebrate all plant based ingredients and we just know they will be adored by Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores alike!


Where are we based?

We are finalising our menu, discovering the best ingredients and teaming with the greatest of vegetables to serve all hungry Londoners!

Whilst we are finalising our location, in the meantime, please follow us on Instagram @thevurgerco for all of our latest updates, menu creations and mouth-watering Vurgers.


We simply couldn’t let London go without the most soul-satisfying burgers!

Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to meeting soon.

The Vurger team