Plant based diet: The Future?

The plant based diet: why?

With a whole host of celebrities backing the plant based diet, Instagram full of avocado images and an onslaught of vegan friendly café’s, is the plant based diet the way forward?

Perhaps the most high-profile of athletes Serena and Venus Williams during the tennis season eat a meat free diet consisting solely of veggies, beans, brown carbs and lentils.

Despite the health benefits that are well documented, and the trend for clean eating so apparent in 2016, many still think this is a trend or a food fad.

We whole heartedly believe that this should become the way we ALL eat, without any labels, judgments or questions asked.


Why the sudden increase?

There are hundreds of thousands of clean eating, plant based, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, no refined sugar health cookbooks, bloggers and influencers, so is this just a trend?

Being conscious to what is going on all around, the effect your actions have on the wider world and the protection of our animal welfare are some of the main reasons as to why such a wide audience have switched their diets in 2016.

Despite the wider picture clearly being a point of encouragement, the health benefits are undeniable.


The benefits

People are waking up to the natural flavours of a plant based diet and are encouraging the consumption of more veggies.

Researchers have found that we reap the benefits of this type of diet by having a healthy heart, great skin and a trim body as a result of the additional vitamins, grains and pigments we consume.

Aswell as the immediate effects, the long term benefits are clearly seen.

The plant based diet helps:

1.       Prevent visual decline with foods like spinach, kale and squash high in lutein

2.       Encourages a sharp mind and can help prolong your long term memory.  


Eating out in London

With the increase of celebrity chefs developing and delivering Vegan, Veggie and specialized menus to avant-garde status, it’s encouraging to think that ‘us plant based’ average joe’s can find something great to eat without feeling ostracized.  

However, nobody (to date) has really put the vegetable burger at the forefront of their menu, let alone dedicated a whole menu to the amazing creations!


So that’s where The Vurger Co really takes the limelight, serving delicious plant based burgers that celebrate fresh seasonal veggies at their very best. We don’t discriminate or ostracize, we just revel in having a burger, that is delicious, packed full of nutrients without feeling guilty.

And we couldn’t be more excited!

The Vurger Team