It has long been a discussion that London caters to all vegetarian and vegan needs with the wide range of ever growing vegetarian options across the city.

However, we must pose the question, in a fast paced world, where eating out reigns supreme in the city, are the veggie options available, infact, very limited?



All major fast food players have a tasty veggie option, catering to most dietary requirements. However, can we guarantee all options are completely vegetarian or dare we say it, vegan?

Most veggie patties until 2016 have been cast aside, the dirty option on the menu that nobody must speak of and even positively berated for taking the option! Ask - eat – leave …. Sorry I’m a veggie type of place!

Having taken up the tough job of tasting the ‘veggie’ burger option in all respectable places across London, there still remains a huge amount of work to be done in this field. The beanburger has become tastier, the falafel a bit bigger and the tofu a bit more ‘normal’. But the vegetable burger, the true plant based veggie burger, never ever takes centre stage.



For vegetable burgers to take centre stage, we have to make a stand! Ordering a veggie burger in London should be celebrated, just like any meat option is across the city.

The preparation, care and attention that needs to go into preparing a vegetable / plant based burger is extremely important.

We should be proud that we have selectively chosen which veggies to use, grafted whilst each one needed different attention and cooking and then lovingly placed together to form the tastiest patty that even the toughest of critics would adore!



At The Vurger Co, we select each item, sourced from local farms and suppliers, encourage the best flavours and taste each ingredient that is put into each veggie patty.

We also celebrate the natural plant based flavours that we have been so accustomed to forgetting. The side dish, the extra option, the bit nobody really thinks about has now become the best and most incredible option on the plate.

Let’s celebrate the Veggie burger, let’s place them centre stage and pass on the message that a plant based diet is completely and utterly awesome!

Thanks so much for reading, more news on our location coming soon!

The Vurger Co Team :)