Monday morning, after a distinctively positive Sunday at Tottenham Green Market, amongst some incredible traders and amazing feedback from some of our first pioneering customers,

And we feel awesome!



It’s no secret that making a great veggie burger takes time, patience and a lot of dedication, as you can definitely fall short at the last hurdle. We have taken months to develop our veggie burgers, ensuring that we stay away from the standard ‘veggie’ stacks of haloumi cheese, mushroom in a bun or classic tofu burger. And we are so glad we persevered through the months making the recipes work.

Vegetables all act in their own way, each needs different care and attention and each needs to be cooked separately in order to come together at the end to form the perfect patty, all without an animal product in sight!



We worked out that our three different veggie burgers have over 30 different veggies, grains or spices so carefully balanced to melt in the mouth.

Imagine the standard organic meat burger taking 30 different ingredients, sourced organically, cooked to perfection and then formed with passion?

Without comparison, a plant based diet is the future, and we are so glad that we are having the opportunity to showcase our creations to the London market for the first time!



It was very overwhelming to receive the amazing feedback we did, to have been told that: ‘’You just can’t get an awesome veggie burger like this in London’’ really did make us jump for joy!

There’s no secret, no special ingredient that will jump out of the water, just amazing veggies and that is why London is embracing the veggie burger yet again!


We call to everyone to come on down to Tottenham Green Market on Sundays 11am to 4pm to come and try what has been described as ‘an awesome veggie burger’’


Have a great week ahead and see you on Sunday for round 2 of veggie burger heaven!

The Vurger Co Team