The best of the Big Apple........ Part 2!

The Vurger Co x The Big Apple (Part 2)

It’s been a brilliant week! Naturally we have missed talking to and feeding you all but it’s been such a productive week for the future of The Vurger Co. We have tasted the very best that New York has to offer, met with some really inspirational people and we are coming back full of ideas and energy to start the next step in the journey with you all. October is going to see some exciting new things for us and we can’t wait to share our big news with you all, so look out for that coming very soon. Until then, we’ve put together a list of some more of our favourites from our week in New York for you to get some inspiration for your next trip!

Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy was quite simply incredible and the food highlight of our trip. Chef and Owner Amanda Cohen has revolutionised the way vegetables are perceived in New York and her food is jaw-droppingly good. So good, in fact, that we will shortly post a separate review of the restaurant on our blog because this quick snap-shot could never do it justice. An absolute must for anybody who loves great innovative food, herbivore, carnivores, omnivores – it’s simply brilliant.

Cinammon Snail

We were really excited about this as it struck a chord with us. Chef and Owner, Adam Sobel, started off with an iconic food truck which gathered a loyal following across the city, to the point where there were queues of people around the block for his food. However the food truck became a liability for Adam, causing no end of challenges through breakdowns and permit complications, so he took the difficult decision to retire it from service. To the delight of his loyal customers, he has now re-launched Cinammon Snail as a permanent location inside the Pennsy, which is a fantastic gourmet food hall in the Madison Square Garden complex. The restaurant serves up 100% vegan delights, from excellent burgers right through to doughnuts and the signature ‘CInammon Snail’ – a swirly cinnamon pastry with a fancy name! The food was great and packed with flavour, but for us the only disappointment was that the burgers are made from seitan. At The Vurger Co, we are deliberately avoiding foods like seitan and tofu to make sure our veggie burgers are exactly that – 100% natural plant-based goodness!

 Blossom NYC

Blossom is one of New York’s oldest and most respected vegan restaurants and its reputation is well-deserved. It’s a beautiful, quaint little restaurant in Chelsea and the staff are really friendly and passionate about the menu and the lifestyle the restaurant promotes. It’s what you might consider a more traditional and typical vegan restaurant, which ensures that it has a loyal following. However with the trend for plant-based cuisine really gathering momentum, the restaurant might find that it needs to make the menu more appealing and accessible to a broader range of people, including those who might be new to vegan food. All in all though, a really great dinner and highly recommended.

 The Little Beet

The Little Beet is one of the restaurants leading the charge towards wholesome food, served quickly and simply, and it’s incredibly popular with four locations in Manhattan, one in Long Island and another in Washington DC. It’s not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, rather focussing on serving the best quality ingredients in delicious and simple ways, such as salads, soups, noodles and bowls. That said, both vegans and vegetarians are still spoilt for choice at Little Beet and the design of the restaurants is warm, friendly and really modern. Great for a quick healthy lunch and an easy, reasonably-priced dinner.

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter was a fantastic restaurant which we stumbled upon accidentally, but it turned out to be one of our favourite dinners of the week. With locations in New York and LA, they are showing how delicious simple vegetables can be, which is exactly how we like it! Working only with local farms, they prepare fantastic dishes and home-made juices and judging by the number of people packed into this tiny restaurant, New Yorkers really do seem to be embracing a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. We had the ‘crab’ (quinoa!) cake and the Butcher’s Burger – both delicious and the potato wedges were to die for!

Hu Kitchen

Another accidental find but something that we can very easily see being transported to London in a heartbeat. It operates in a similar way to Pret or Itsu – fast, healthy and flexible, giving customers the choice between sitting in or taking away. But it goes one step further, getting right back to basics with its paleo approach to food. Every dish, every drink and every dessert is unrefined and not processed, with the belief that using as few ingredients as possible is the best way to deliver delicious food packed with nutritional benefits. We happen to agree and we love what Hu Kitchen is doing for fast food.

So there you have it, our round up of the best vegetable restaurants in New York. We saw so many things we loved, and have so many ideas of our own to bring to you over the coming months and years – we can’t wait to get started!

New York, it’s been a pleasure as always, but London, it’s great to be home! We can’t wait to see you soon at The Vurger Co!