Those of you who have sampled our BBQ Nut veggie burger have, knowingly or not, been swept into the wonderful world of sprouted grains – congratulations! In simple terms, you’ve eaten super-rice, the super hero of the rice world and what we feel could be the future of the humble grain. That’s the simple explanation, but we thought we’d go one step further and try to delve a little bit deeper.


The science….

The humble grain is a seed, which if planted and watered and cared for, will turn into a fully-fledged plant – magic! A sprouted grain is where the seed has germinated and started to sprout into a new plant but it is then harvested before the plant has grown. Why is this important? Well it has been proven that when harvested at exactly the right moment (ie. Not too much seed, not too much plant), enzymes are released which when consumed by us, eventually help to break down proteins and carbohydrates, making our bodies more efficient at absorbing more of the great nutrients inside the food we eat and making the grains themselves easier to digest. Not only does sprouted rice help you absorb more nutrients from other food you eat, but it also has a world of goodness hidden inside itself too. It has more approximately four times the fibre of regular rice, is high in vitamins E, B1 and B6 and is also a handy boost of magnesium.


The taste….

As with all of our ingredients, health benefits are just part of the equation. The most important thing of all is that they taste delicious and combine well with the other ingredients we use. Making a veggie burger, and doing it well, is a complicated process and some veggies just don’t seem to work well together. Sprouted brown rice is fantastic – it’s a little sweeter than normal brown rice, has a slightly different shape and has a little more bite to it which makes it a great base for our chunky BBQ Nut burger. Also, unlike some other rice, it doesn’t become glutinous when cooked so it’s a lighter alternative too!


Where can you get it?

Well naturally your first port of call should be The Vurger Co, and our monumental BBQ Nut burger. It’s chunky, it’s packed full of flavour and it’s a real burger! But if you’re not in the mood for a burger, have no fear! You can actually sprout your own, and there’s loads of good recipes online that you can follow for this. However, in order to deliver a consistent and perfect burger each time, we searched high and low for the best quality sprouted rice and we have found nothing better than Planet Organic.


So now you have the science and a look behind the curtain of what goes into our BBQ Nut burger. All that’s left for you to do is come and find us this Sunday at Tottenham Green Market to sample the taste of our BBQ nut, knowing all the natural ingredients that make up this amazing Veggie burger, there’s nothing to lose!