Happy New Year from The Vurger Co!

It’s been a crazy year! The world has seen some incredible things and unfortunately most of the media seem focussed on the negatives. It’s true, it’s been a bit of a tough year in lots of ways but that’s not how we want to remember 2016. It’s been a life-changing year for us and so we thought something a little more upbeat might be more appropriate, so here’s just a few of the great things that happened in 2016!

Tiger numbers are up for the first time in a century

Global conservation efforts have seen the Tiger population increase by over 20% over the last 6 years, and there’s a commitment to double the population by 2022.

India planted 50 million trees in ONE DAY

Over 800,000 volunteers committed to fighting climate change in India by planting a staggering amount of trees in a single day. India has committed to reforesting 12% of its land by 2030.

Ice Bucket challenge delivered

Remember the ice bucket challenge in 2014? It was great fun for a great cause, but the reality is that it raised a mind-blowing $115m and this paid for pioneering research and treatment possibilities.

Solar power made it around the world

Solar Impulse 2 showcased the incredible potential of renewable energy by completing its epic 42,438km around-the-world journey, with zero CO2 emissions in the process.

Paris Climate Change Agreement came into force

There was finally a global agreement to restrict global warming to 2°C, and implement measures to reduce the impacts of climate change.

The Vurger Co was born!

For most of the first half of 2016, we talked and talked and talked some more about wanting to create something. Something special, something with a purpose and something that we would be truly proud of. The Vurger Co was officially ‘born’ on 11th July 2016 and from our very first day of trading at Tottenham Green Market on 14th August, we haven’t looked back. Your endless and passionate support has given us strength and pushed us forward and we promise, 2017 has so many incredible things in store for The Vurger Co.

So what’s 2017 got in store?

Our mission is to revolutionise fast food forever through the power of plants.

We are so incredibly grateful for all your support so far and we are hugely excited to say that we are currently working on our first permanent home, right here in London. It’s going to be a beautiful, calming, relaxing and totally accessible place where you can come and enjoy great food with great people and know that in the process, you are doing great things for your body, your mind and even the planet.

We are working extremely hard with some incredibly talented people to make this happen as quickly as possible in 2017. There has not been a single day so far where we have compromised on quality. Yes, we could probably have opened up a permanent space a little faster. But for us, the space is everything and will be an integral part of our identity as a business, so we would much rather take the time to make sure it’s everything it should be. One thing we can absolutely promise you is that it will be more than worth the wait.

In the mean time, we will continue to bring you the very best in plant-based fast food in London. Our deliciously natural Vurgers, amazing sides and specially selected drinks will continue to be served up at our pop ups which we will be announcing very soon. We will continue to innovate and work with the most talented and creative people around to keep marching forward and most importantly, to keep your taste buds singing!

Collaborations, limited edition creations, charitable partnerships and incredible Chefs – 2017 is going to be a fantastic year. We really couldn’t be more excited and once again, we cannot thank you enough for making The Vurger Co a reality.


Happy New Year from us, Rachel and Neil, The Vurger Co x


2016, it’s been a pleasure.

2017, we’re ready for you!