But......Where do you get your Protein?

With #veganuary in full swing and record numbers turning green for a month at least, there’s no better time to demystify the question we hear the most – ‘’But where do you get your protein’’

We have gone above and beyond to seek the scientific facts to back up all of the below and aim to go beyond the edit of what people feel is the biggest flaw of following a plant based lifestyle.

Inclusion over exclusion

From the very beginning, The Vurger Co has been fully focused on inclusion. We have worked very hard to create a destination which focusses purely on great quality, natural food, which is accessible to all and above all else, is delicious. Our menu is 100% vegan, it’s true, but we’ve chosen to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy our food and we’ve been so happy over the last 7 months to see just that – with no labels attached. 

Over the course of our pop ups, we have spoken to so many people who were actively on the hunt for great plant-based options. Some had recently watched documentaries and were urgently trying to figure out what to eat. Some were joining vegan/vegetarian friends to see what all the fuss is about with plant-based food. Some were in the process of reducing their meat intake and upping their plant intake, and just looking for some tasty options to suit their changing lifestyles. For us, it’s these stories which make us the happiest because it means that we are slowly but surely helping to change perceptions of what plant-based food is really all about. Simplicity, nature and flavour – that’s really it!

So what is ‘plant protein’ and is it different to ‘protein from meat’ ?

The answer is simply, absolutely not! The body is designed to mix and match the nine essential amino acids you need from different plant sources. Your body doesn’t actually care of the source, as long as it’s there! We understand protein is a critical part of human health, but great sources can be found in so so many other places other than what we as humans are made to believe!

So what are some of the best veggies, seeds, nuts and grains for protein?

As you can see the sources of Protein derived from plants is so vast ! When we set about planning the menu for The Vurger Co, we just knew that we needed to pack a whole lot of protein into each patty. 

The ingredients that contain a whole load of Protein are:-

Lentils – 9g per 35g serving   | Mushrooms – 3.9g per cup  - SHROOMELT - 15g protein approx derived from lentils and mushrooms


Black Beans – 7.6g per 35g | Brown rice – 6.5g per 190g | Avocado – 4g - BBQ NUT - 12g protein approx derived from these ingredients


Quinoa - 8 grams a cup | Chickpeas- 6g per ½ cup | Cashews- 5g per ¼ cup- QUIN-WAHH!- 9g protein approx derived from these ingredients 


Broccoli – 2g per ½ cooked cup  | Kale – 0.7g per cup - SPRINKLE OF GREEN - 9g protein approx derived from these 2 ingredients alone


Each and every plant powered protein ingredient noted above is included in our menu and we’ve estimated the protein values based on the gram calculation inside each Vurger. I think you’ll agree – why would we want anything else when our Vurgers contain just as much good sources of protein?

Made simply, crafted elegantly and cooked naturally

So there you have it, when veggie burgers are made with the best ingredients, all lovingly cooked and made simply with vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains we see no real reason why you would need anything else!  So whether you’re ready to ditch meat altogether, or whether you want to start with ditching it one day a week, welcome along, we really look forward to showing you how incredible plant power really is!

See you really soon,

The Vurger Co team x