Sprinkle of Green Vurger

The Sprinkle of Green Vurger

So now you’ve all seen the image of the Sprinkle of Green Vurger! This is the result of our collaboration with Teffy Perk who created the incredible http://www.sprinkleofgreen.com/ and @sprinkle_of_green to inspire a balanced life through delicious and wholesome foods.

Knowing that eating well should not be hard or stressful, actually it should be fun, we just knew this was the perfect partnership as what’s more fun than having a Sprinkle of Green Vurger this January?

What are the ingredients?

Well you won’t be surprised to learn that our Vurgers are always so carefully put together, ensuring the right balance of taste and texture. Combined with the fact that it is January and Veganuary, we wanted to show everyone how easy it is to eat good wholesome veggies in a super fun way.

-          Kale

-          Broccoli

-          White Cannellini beans

-          Japanese Organic Matcha

That’s it you ask – yes that’s it! Topped with radish, cucumber and watercress, which you can also put into the recipe if you’d like, it really is the most delicious Vurger for the month of January!

Why Matcha?

For us it was important to include Matcha, not only because we can’t get through a day without it sometimes, but most importantly for its great properties, and of course it’s something you’d never expect to see in a burger!

Matcha has incredible benefits including: -

-          High in antioxidants

-          Boosts memory and concentration

-          Fortifies the immune system

-          Detoxifies the body

-          Enhances calm

The list really does go on and on, and with so many key influences across the globe highlighting the benefits of including one item a day that includes some Matcha – we just couldn’t resist this wonderful ingredient.

Where can you get it?

We have recently launched our pop up dates for the next 4 weeks at The Pillbox Kitchen in Bethnal Green:-

14th January | 21st January | 28th January | 4th February – all between 5pm and 10pm

You will be able to tuck into our new menu including the Sprinkle of Green Vurger on any of these dates! Or all of them if you’d like a different Vurger each week!

All that leaves us to say is a huge Thank You to Teffy at Sprinkle of Green for collaborating with us on this amazing Vurger. Having met in our original Pop Up back in October last year, it’s so lovely to see our plans coming to life!

Please show Teffy some wonderful support and we all can’t wait to see you soon!

Have a great week,

The Vurger Co Team xo