You might have noticed already but with our Spitalfields pop up around the corner, we wanted to take a few moments to introduce you all to our brand-new look! 

Our awesome new logo represents everything we believe in as a business and was the key moment for the look to evolve! 

We had our original logo designed in June 2016 and it was put together by a fantastic designer who became our closest ally!  At the time, the logo represented our fresh new take on plant-based food and it helped us to stand out from the crowd across our market stalls, pop ups, festivals and other events over the last 18 months or so.

In recent months, we have been working really hard with the amazing team at Benedict Wilhelm design, on the branding and design for our permanent restaurant. This has involved re-evaluating our whole brand – what we stand for, where we are heading and how we want our amazing customers to feel when they come to our restaurants. With that in mind, we decided to move the branding forward, including the logo, and we are super excited to reveal the results!


For us, this marks the evolution of the business from market stall to (almost) permanent restaurant and the new branding is the way we have decided to welcome in the next chapter!

You’ll see this branding working its way across all of our operations in the coming weeks and we are so excited to reveal the amazing space we are working on!

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, and we absolutely can’t wait to see you all this week as we open our Spitalfields pop up.

Big Love from

The Vurger Co team