That TATLER review!

After our latest set of pop ups, where so many of you wonderful people came out to celebrate, enjoy and share great times together, we couldn’t help but to sit and reflect on what has been an unbelievable 8 months since The Vurger Co was born. We are suddenly in April and it literally feels like yesterday that we took our first steps at Tottenham Green Market last summer. So much has happened since then and there’s so much to look forward to!


The mission

From the moment we started, our mission has been to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants. We all love fast food. It’s become a huge part of societies across the world and for good reason. People getting together in a relaxed and laid back environment, enjoying great value delicious food, with the convenience of speed and flexibility of service. But somewhere along the way fast food veered off track, and became processed, un-natural, chemical-loaded junk. Not only that, but it became associated almost solely with meat, with a pretty tragic ‘veggie’ option making up a dark corner of the menu. Leaving a ''WHO WANTS THE VEGGIE BURGER YOU MUST BE MAD'' feeling across the table. 

We believe in real food, we believe in real people and relationships, we believe in real service and we believe our responsibility is to make an impact. However big or small the impact, we all share this planet and we all pass down our experience and wisdom to the next generation so that they can make their mark too. 

We see our responsibility as being one of breaking down walls, smashing stereotypes and making great plant-based food available and accessible to everyone. That’s why we focused from the very beginning on vegetables and other natural produce. Vegetables aren’t for any one group of people. They are something that everybody eats (or should eat!) anyway, so why wouldn’t a vegetable-based burger be to everybody’s taste?


Our goals and THAT Tatler review!


We were talking this week about how we could measure whether we were achieving our fairly lofty goals.


We said that the only way would be when we start seeing shifts in the mainstream market and the mainstream press. When we start seeing plant-based food being talked about in the same breath as any other food. When we see plant-based food being listed in ‘best of’ lists alongside any other food. Not because it’s plant-based, but because it’s just great food. Plain and simple.


We are so proud to see that Tatler, one of the country’s leading mainstream fashion magazines, have included us in their best 5 burgers in London list. To us, these sorts of things make everything so worthwhile and prove that with the right approach, and ears and minds that are open to hearing another way, plant-based food really could be the future.

To be included in the best 5 places to get a burger .... full stop..... is just overwhelming! Thank you @TatlerUK 

Read the full article here also!

Thank you all endlessly for your constant support and stay tuned for what’s next. We have so many exciting plans and so many opportunities for you to get hold of this delicious menu!! We really cannot wait to share it with you!

Have a fantastic weekend in the sunshine, 

The Vurger Co team x