So what next?

The adventure continues!

As we welcome summer back with this beautiful sunshine, we thought we’d pause for a few minutes and update you all on what’s been happening and what’s going to be happening over the next few months.

It’s been a busy couple of months for us! We’ve had lots of pop ups at the Pillbox Kitchen in Bethnal Green, we’ve been on a food (research, of course!) tour of the US, we’ve served hundreds of hungry (and very deserving!) customers at Balance Festival....

Pop ups, festivals and other events are so much fun. It’s the closest a food business can ever get to their customers. Making food right in front of people, handing it over and seeing and hearing people enjoy what they are eating – there’s really no greater feeling!

Markets, pop ups and events have enabled us to get the wheels moving for The Vurger Co, get loads of incredibly important feedback, improve our food and create an amazing buzz around what’s happening next.

We’ve teamed up with Tabasco to bring you the ‘Auburger’ and we’ve also shared a really special day with lovely people at their engagement party! Not to mention our photoshoot with the amazing Masters family!

You can read all about our events and your feedback using the link below!

But it’s hard. Really hard. Setting up, seeing loads of happy customers, building momentum and then having to disappear for another few weeks is so tough!

For us, the real goal is to open our first permanent space – hopefully the first of many! There really isn’t a day that goes by where our wonderful customers don’t ask us when or where we are opening. We are absolutely ready to go and cannot wait to tell you all where it’s going to be and when it’s opening. London is the most incredible city in the world. We absolutely love travelling but no matter where we are, we always find ourselves looking forward to coming home to London. But amazing things are never cheap, and finding a suitable (and affordable!) home for our first permanent restaurant is a real challenge.


We’ve got some really exciting things happening in the next few months which we can’t quite reveal just yet, but will hopefully help us finally open those doors!

We’re going to need your support more than ever before and can absolutely promise you that when we get this open, it will absolutely be the best plant-based, natural fast food in London (and probably the world!). ;)

We’ve learnt so much and The Vurger Co is infinitely better today than it was when we launched at Tottenham Green Market back in August last year. The future is incredible, we just need your support and patience to bear with us whilst we make this happen. In the mean time, please stay tuned for updates and our big news coming soon!

After all, how can we do this without you? 

Thank you, again! 

The Vurger Co Team