The BIG news has launched!

We are crowdfunding, and we need you!

We have just announced our exciting news, that we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign on on Monday 3rd July and we thought we'd share our reason behind the big move!

We would be so incredibly grateful if you could join us in our mission to revolutionise fast food forever through the power of plants, by visiting the link below to find out more about how you can support our campaign.


Why are we looking for investment?

Right from the very beginning, now almost a year ago, we have made no secret of the fact that we want to open The Vurger Co in a permanent space in a great location in London. For us, the stalls, events, festivals and pop ups have been absolutely fantastic. We’ve got to know so many of you so well, built up a passionate and wonderful customer base and we’ve also had the opportunity to refine our menu gradually into what it is today.


This is absolutely the best way to start a restaurant and we are so proud to have spent a year trading this way. However there comes a time when things need to move forward, and for us, that means opening up a beautiful permanent space in London.  We have invested everything of our own, (blood, sweat and tears included) into getting to this point, and this is where our amazing supporters come in!

What is Crowdcube and how does it work?

Crowdcube is one of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms and works by connecting companies seeking investment to a wide range of investors looking for opportunities. The fantastic thing about Crowdcube is that anybody can invest from a minimum of £10 so it gives supporters of a business the chance to own a portion of it from a very early stage.

The challenge is that as with most other crowdfunding platforms, if a business is unsuccessful in reaching their target in the 30 day period that the campaign is live, the business receives none of the investment. It’s an ‘all or nothing’ approach!

''The Plant Based revolution is coming''  - Google


How can you get involved?

On Monday 3rd July, our campaign will go live on We would be absolutely honoured if you could find the time to visit our page, learn more about our business and get a better idea of what it’s all about. From there, if you believe in what we’re building, your investment would help us to make The Vurger Co’s permanent home a reality very soon. You can invest any amount from £10 and absolutely every penny counts, and every penny buys you a portion of our business so that hopefully in the future, we can share its success together.

When we decided that we needed to seek investment to make this happen, we couldn’t think of a better way than crowdfunding. We have incredibly passionate customers, followers and supporters who believe in delicious and natural food for everybody. On a daily basis we receive so many wonderfully supportive comments and emails and we are incredibly grateful for each and every one.

Your support and excitement has really kept us going in recent months so we just want to say the biggest thank you to you all. We are heading into a really exciting few months ahead, and the future is really bright for plant-based food.

*Please join us on this incredible journey!*

Thank you a million times

Rachel & Neil