Wow! What an incredible few weeks. We’ve taken a step away this afternoon to reflect on what’s been possibly the craziest month of our lives. In the first week alone we sold over 1500 burgers- that’s a lot! We never expected to receive this much attention and positive feedback in our first few weeks and for this we are so so grateful. You are all just incredible!

From the moment people started queueing outside the front door on that first Saturday we couldn’t help but feel an immense sense of pride (and also a whole lotta nerves) at far we’ve come. That’s largely down to all of you and also the incredible team of people we surround ourselves with- thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve had visits from some seriously inspiring people as well as many familiar faces and were also able to host the book launch for Plant Based Pixie’s awesome new book The Wellness Rebel.

We’d like to quickly say one last humongous thank you to the team for being so enthusiastic, energetic and determined over the process of this whole launch- you’ve kept us going and the numerous remarks we’ve received of how friendly you all are has made our day countless times.  


We have already learnt so much about what means a lot to our customers, and that means a lot to us too. It’s been the BIGGEST learning curve and we are still learning ourselves now- this restaurant business is pretty challenging at times but also seriously rewarding. One of the best things about this company from day one is that we have been strengthened and driven forward by our loyal customers. Having a permanent base now to be able to interact with you all on a daily basis has been the most formative part of all of this. As always we value your feedback and we take each and every one of your comments on board.


But we’re not stopping there! We have some awesome new burgers in the pipeline and we are currently in the process of perfecting the recipes for them! We know you’re going to love them. We are also busy planning our trip stateside for Eat.Drink.Vegan festival at The Rosebowl in Pasadena CA. It’s a tricky job but someone’s gotta do it ey! Shout out to Neil for taking one for the team and volunteering to stay behind and look after things at base camp ;)

Things seem to be moving at a whirlwind speed right now but what an amazing ‘problem’ to have. We can’t wait to meet so many more of you over the coming weeks and to keep spreading The Vurger Co. message!



The Vurger Co Team x