We pride ourselves on not using any plastic for our utensils or packaging!


Well it’s been a crazy few weeks! We’ve already learnt so much, not only about our own processes  but also about what is most important to you all as our lovely customers!

Something that we have found ourselves talking a lot about over the past few weeks is sustainability and our impact on the planet as a new (and still relatively small) vegan business. It’s an area close to your hearts and it’s very close to ours too.

From day one we have strived to make as little impact on our lovely planet as possible! We get really really excited when we come across new products and methods that can help us to achieve this ongoing goal, which is why we are so happy to be able to offer you these brand spanking new ‘keep cups’ produced by frank green. Frank green donate a portion of the profits from all of their products to Earthwatch. Since 1971, Earthwatch has helped over 100,000 people join leading scientists on crucial environmental research projects around the world. Pretty awesome!

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These handy keep cups are available in store now!

100% compostable

Since we began as a market stall we have used 100% compostable packaging, the majority of which comes from a company called Vegware.

No plastic straws here!

The only issue we’ve found with it so far is that they’ve succeeded in making their packaging appear so similar to plastic it’s difficult to tell the difference at first glance!

For those of you, like us,  that like to get a bit nerdy when it comes to this sort of thing, here’s some good-to-know info straight from the Vegware website regarding their packaging! WWW.VEGWARE.CO.UK

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Why plants, not plastic?


Vegware is made of plants, not plastic. Why use up finite resources – trees, corn and sugarcane are renewable natural materials.


Making plant-based materials emits less carbon than making most plastics. And our Eco Audits count your carbon savings by the kilo.


We love recycled card, paper and bagasse, our recycled sugarcane fibre. Our Eco Audits track the recycled content in each order - together we're saving virgin materials.


Any virgin card or paper used to make Vegware products come from a responsible forestry source with a recognised chain of custody.

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Vegware plant-based materials


Sustainably sourced, using recycled content where we can.


Plant-based alternatives to plastic. Clear PLA for cold use, CPLA for hot.


Recycled sugarcane. Sturdy & practical, from -15º to 120ºC.


Fallen, pressed Areca leaves. Unique eco style.


Water- or vegetable-based, with a great print finish.


Clear film made from wood pulp. Anti-grease, heat sealable.


A plant-based compostable material with great properties.

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More info on composting- https://www.vegware.com/compostingfaq/info_85.html

One of the best parts of having a permanent restaurant is that we can receive instant feedback from you all! If you have any ideas of how we could improve on what we’re doing already, please don’t hesitate to email us on FEEDME@THEVURGERCO.COM!

As we mentioned earlier on, it’s a topic that we care deeply about and it’s an important ongoing discussion!

All our best wishes,