As you may well know, May is a very busy month for us. Not only are we packing our bags and heading to California for Eat Drink Vegan Festival (which we are VERY excited about by the way), but next Friday we’ll be heading to Hoxton Docks to take part in Tabasco®’s Global Kitchen event, an awesome night market of food and drink in order to celebrate their 150th anniversary. We’ve been selected alongside 10 other insanely talented chefs at the top of their game. Pretty cool huh?


As part of the celebrations we have been tasked with creating an extra special burger for Tabasco® using their signature hot sauce. We have to say we felt a liiiittle bit of pressure as the last time we collaborated with Tabasco® it resulted in the Auburger, which has now become a firm favourite and a permanent fixture on our menu.



This time though, we think we may have outdone ourselves again. Until now we have kept the new burger under lock and key but now we feel it’s time to share with you all what we’ve been working on. And boy are we onto something good folks, something reeaaal good.


Introducing the new Cauliburg Tabasco burger. Four delectable layers of sweet, sticky, spicy goodness. Featuring a crispy cauliflower-corn fritter in a maple BBQ Tabasco® glaze, sat on a bed of fresh lettuce, topped with sweet and tender cauliflower chunks and finally finished off with strings of red pepper, spring onion and fresh chillies doused in an extra helping of that smooth and more-ish BBQ glaze.


Mouths watering yet? We think we have a new favourite. To be one of the first to try our awesome new creation, head on over to the event page ( where they release a new set of tickets every Friday at 10am.


Thanks Tabasco® again for the awesome opportunity- we’ll see you all there!