Our week in LA with Chloe Coscarelli

For those of you that have been following us on instagram, you’ll know that the past fews weeks have been pretty crazy. It all started with an incredible night at Tabasco’s 150th Anniversary celebration at Hoxton Docks, where alongside over ten other incredible chefs, we served up the most incredible hot maple bbq Cauli-burger to over a thousand hungry punters.


Little more than a week later we left the cloudy shores of the UK for the….ok we’ll be honest, equally cloudy shores of L.A, to take part in our most exciting and game-changing collaboration to date. In case you didn’t know by now (which would surprise us as it’s pretty much inundated our instagram stories!) we had the pleasure of collaborating with the powerhouse that is Chloe Coscarelli (and her unbelievably lovely mum!)  on the most indulgent, gooey and incredibly cheesy burger creation which we debuted at Eat Drink Vegan Festival, Pasadena. Aside from being a crazy week full of first time experiences (the L.A Wholefoods market at 6am was definitely a memorable one) it was also a week full of new friends, new partnerships, and new horizons.


The idea of meeting with Chloe for the first time was a little nerve wracking, we have to admit. We’ve always had admiration for everything she has built and the great leaps that she has helped the plant-based and vegan movements to make over the past few years. Let’s just say she was more than a large influence on us when we first started out at our little market stall in Tottenham Green. Fast forward 2 years and we are standing in our kitchen cooking with her. It was all a little unreal. We felt like little school girls meeting chloe for the first time- she oozed this confidence and general zest for life that was truly infectious. Her mother, Shelley was the same- we can see where she gets it from!


Chloe spent a solid 5 hours with us lovingly perfecting the signature truffle cheese sauce, to ensure every batch was just as heavenly. And my God, was it. We have found the answer to all of your cheesy prayers people. This cheese sauce is an absolute game changer. It’s gooey, incredibly truffle-y and super indulgent. It’s the kind of sauce you want to eat straight from the bowl without judgement. We have an addiction here people! Thank you Chloe for bringing it into our lives!


The day itself went by like a blur. It was beyond inspiring to see the sheer volume of people in attendance- true proof of how much of an impact our united message is having. It reminded us why we began this journey in the first place- to be part of the pioneering force making delicious and exciting plant based food accessible to the masses- and boy have we come far!  It was so amazing to see so many new faces at our stall, and to receive such resoundingly enthusiastic feedback. To our new friends reading this from over the pond, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! It’s days like these that make all the hard work worth it...


We would also like to say the world’s BIGGEST and most heartfelt thank you to Chloe, Shelley and Don for being so unbelievably supportive and for helping us overcome any issues we had on the day- we’ve never met more genuine and giving people. It was the most humbling experience seeing Chloe meet her admirers with the same overwhelmingly sincere smile, and to hear of the different ways that she has touched so many people’s lives, in the same way that she has ours. We can only say with the utmost certainty that we would be more than honoured to work with Chloe again if ever the opportunity arose! What an uplifting and invigorating experience.


Last but not least, we would like to say thank you to our all-female superstar team, who drove us through the week with some serious determination, commitment and of course those winning smiles! Shout out to Morgan for the bad-ass California playlist, which got us through some long drives and some even longer kitchen cooking sessions!


Among the sweaty cooking marathons and the copious freeway trips we were also able to steal away some time to sample some of the best plant-based grub that L.A has to offer. Very soon we are going to give you guys the low-down on L.A’s food offerings, including the hottest foodie spots, where to get the most ridiculously fluffy pancakes and where to pick up an other-wordly takeaway dinner! Watch this space!


This was our first time returning to L.A since the initial dream trip that started us out on this whole crazy journey. We were once again reminded of the mind-blowingly innovative food scene that is being cultivated there. It’s left us with more of a thirst than ever to change the game her in the UK. Our mission to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants continues...

You can get hold of Chloe’s awesome new book, Chloe Flavour here- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chloe-Flavor-Saucy-Crispy-Spicy/dp/045149962X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528719176&sr=8-1&keywords=chloe+flavour