Is feeling good the new looking good?

Every week we have met a different customer in the search of feeling good, so we thought that we would raise the question of what does that actually mean?

Living as close to your true values as possible, nurturing your inner most thoughts and appreciating your every authentic move is the driving force behind so many of our decisions in 2016. So we thought we’d take a look at what it means to truly ‘feel good’ in 2017.

Being Authentic, true to yourself and following your own path, easy right?

Living in a scarily busy city leads to an even more frightening mind, full of anxiety and self-doubt. Yes ‘mindfulness’ has been discussed in depth over the past couple of years, with record numbers of us signing up to quickly learn how to be ourselves to the innermost core. So we wondered, why is it that we find it so hard to live a life that’s really true to who we are?

The two frightening things

1.       We’re not quite sure of our deepest values in order to even start living by them

Submitting ourselves to family requirements, society’s needs or just too tired to think that ‘deeply’ there are so many reasons why we’re not quite sure of our values. Constantly seeking approval and always looking outwards for validation, we’re never looking inside for the real answer that will inevitably provide us with the most authentic solution to our problems.


2.       Lack of awareness

Living on autopilot, methodical zombie like mindset with mechanical patterns of behaviour, sound familiar? We’re so often conditioned to think that our upbringing, society, friends and family have the answers we’re looking for. However this more often than not leads to a sense of dis-connect from who we truly are.


Our Core Values

When starting The Vurger Co, we went through a period of change, of connecting again with who we were at our core and understanding why our values were so important to us. It soon became apparent that when the way you think, speak and behave all align with your values you suddenly feel alive for the first time. We had this moment of complete alignment when starting the first market stall on the 14th August 2016. We stood there, delivered our hand made 100% Vegan burgers in a stall that we built ourselves and surrounded ourselves with customers who loved what we were doing.

Suddenly everything aligned.

Since that day, our lives have been filled with complete connection with ourselves, our values and with others who have been both supportive and truly helpful in every way. We’ve listened to our inner voice to follow the path that feels completely right for us.

This takes persistence, ambition and a time to stop and take stock – with our busy city careers, we believed the only way to a sense of fulfilment would be to reach the next rung on the ladder and work harder than ever to get the next 'level' however this never made us feel good and never gave us the feeling we have today.

So here’s to the whisper inside of you, you know the little voice that speaks to you in moments of despair and distraction, let it speak a little louder, write down these thoughts and go for it. That’s what we did, despite fears, despite others looking down on our decisions and against all odds, we are exactly where we want to be.

Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas and we cannot wait to catch up with you soon to let you know all of our plans for 2017.

We couldn’t be more grateful for your support along our journey to success :)

Big love,

The Vurger Co Team x