Team Scoop: Vegan Q&A


Happy Vegan Day Everyone!

We are so excited to announce The Vurger Co Philly Cheesesteak (all vegan!) is now available in both stores to celebrate the biggest day in the calendar. We absolutely cannot wait for you to try our newest special on our menu.

World Vegan day is a day for us to celebrate how far Veganism has come here in London, how much it is now celebrated and how far innovation has pushed Veganism into the mainstream market.

Our whole menu, from our burgers, shakes, sides, beers and wines are all Vegan and always have been from day one of our business, we are proud to call ourselves plant powered and will continue to adapt, evolve and push our menu developments to showcase truly how awesome Vegan fast food really can be

team scoop

So we took a moment to ask our restaurant team members to give us a snap shot into their lives following a Vegan lifestyle, get an insight into their top tips, favourite cookbooks, best resources and of course their favourite thing on our menu!




1. Do you have a favourite vegan cookbook? 

April: I’m actually building up quite the collection of vegan cookbooks now because I love cooking, but my favourite would for sure be the Bosh cookbook. I’ve never made anything from it that I wasn’t really impressed with! Would recommend it to anybody, vegan or not.  

2. How do you respond to the question ‘what do vegans even eat?

April: My answer is dependent on who is asking. If it’s someone genuinely curious I tell them that you can make almost any dish as a vegan version and personally I love making all kinds of different lasagnes. If someone’s just being rude or douchey I say I live off lettuce. 

3. What’s your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why? 

April: A tricky question because I change my mind every week. But the classic probably comes out on top because you just can’t go wrong with those classic flavours. But I do love the pickled cabbage and smoky flavours of the Auburger, so it’s a close second.




1.What would your advice be to somebody struggling t0 become fully vegan?

Nikola: For anyone that’s decided to try, trying is already a huge success! But for me, choosing to be vegan is choosing another lifestyle. Start slow and remember that every step counts! It's important to experiment, there is no shortage of flavours and ideas in vegan cuisine. Educate yourself, knowledge of veganism is huge and valuable so read, watch, try, experiment and test out, talk with like-minded people. Choosing veganism for health reasons is also a good way to get started, in my case, these results were the most convincing. Introduce vegan meals into your home for the rest of your friends or family to start seeing how tasty the food can really be. 

2. Do you have a favourite vegan focussed social media account?

Nikola: Of course, I have! I love Dr Vegan's Instagram account as it includes knowledge, recipes and humour!  BTW he was on a trip to London last month and I couldn't stop myself from recommending us and he came to Vurger!  He said it was amazing!!! (Obvious, I know).

3. What’s your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why?

Nikola: My favourite item from The Vurger Co. is definitely the mac and cheese! Easy, aromatic, creamy, delicious! Sprinkled with the parmesan cheese it’s like little drops of heaven! I'd put it above every mac and cheese on earth! And with our house made pesto? Oh god I have no words!




1. What made you become vegan?

Magda: Veganism has become a part of me. Since I went vegetarian 8 years ago, I knew that veganism would be the next step. To me, veganism is simply the love of everything that nature has created on planet Earth. I don't want to cause pain to any beautiful and empathetic living creature. As humans, we should sympathize with those that have no voice.

2. What menu items are customers most excited to try?

Magda: Anything that's innovative and reminds them of food they used to eat in the past. Mac n cheese, New York Melt or our house made shakes are items that are delicious, filling and 100% vegan versions of products they feel most nostalgic for.

3. What's your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why?

Magda: I personally really love the Big Mex. I find its perfectly combined flavours and diverse ingredients, such as jackfruit, rocket and spicy queso sauce make the perfect combination!




1. Do you have a favourite vegan focussed social media account?

Jess: I absolutely adore an Instagram account called @uglyvegan. The creator advocates inclusivity, empathy and understanding towards everybody, regardless of their diet whilst posting sometimes gross, mostly beige and always hilarious vegan meals from her diverse following. 

2. What shake do you recommend to customers and why?

Jess: My favourite is definitely our Biscoff shake, for no other reason than I think it tastes the best. Topped with a mountain of our vegan whipped cream and you really can’t beat it. 

3. What's your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why?

Jess: For me, I really love the Big Mex as a bowl. Add some avocado in there and it’s a great mixture of flavours and textures. The jalepeno queso sauce is divine and really brings it all together. You can find me inhaling it on my lunch break a few times a week. 




1. What made you become vegan?

Lucy: I became vegan firstly for the environment, and I was particularly interested in the state of our oceans. Animal agriculture is the number one cause of ocean dead zones, and it didn’t personally feel right to continue contributing to the destruction of our planet. I stayed vegan for all the other reasons – ethical and welfare issues, as well as health, but I think I am mostly motivated by the environmental impact our diets can have.

2. Has working for a vegan company helped maintain your plant-based lifestyle? 

Lucy: For sure! I have never had a job before where I could eat anything I wanted off the menu for lunch, or even one where other staff haven’t thought I was weird for being vegan. It’s such a nice environment to be in! I also love that the other vegan staff always share our new vegan food finds with each other.

3. What's your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why? 

Lucy: It’s so hard to choose! I loveeee the New York Melt, but the one item I always go back to is the Pesto Mac and Cheese, no other vegan mac and cheese I try lives up to it, it truly is dreamy. 



1. In London, vegan food is widely available. What advice would you give somebody with limited access to vegan restaurants/products? 

James: My advice would be to cook your own food. I am a bit wary of the term "vegan products." What exactly does this mean? Refined soy protein manufactured in a science lab somewhere?

For me, vegan products are just vegetables, fruits and grains or basically anything that doesn’t contain meat or dairy. Everybody has access to this, thankfully. Cooking your own vegan food can be incredibly rewarding. You are free to experiment with all the flavours and ingredients you like (for me that means a host of the hottest chillies I can lay my hands on.)

As for people who aren’t close to vegan restaurants; hang in there, they are coming soon, surfing high on the crest of the unstoppable plant-based wave that is sweeping the nation.

2. How do you encourage others to adopt a vegan diet?

James:  I shame them until they cry...

Not really, I’m not in the converting game. People have access to all the same information as me, they are free to make up their own minds or to remain ignorant. I only ever mention my diet if somebody else brings it up.... Namaste.

3. What's your favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu and why?

James: My favourite item on The Vurger Co. menu isn’t really on the menu. Working in the kitchen means I get to go rogue with the ingredients that are at my disposal. I usually concoct a tasty salad and throw a patty on top. As for the menu itself; can’t go wrong with a Classic.

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Thank you so much for reading, hope we see you soon for some Philly Cheese steak action, available from 1st November in both stores for the whole month of November!!

Have an awesome Vegan day,

Love from

The Vurger Co Team