Why we want to Reduce water cups in our restaurants

Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 12.20.45.png

If you have visited us recently, you may have noticed the new sign next to the water station in our Shoreditch branch last week. This is part of an ongoing mission of ours to reduce our waste as much as possible!

As many of you know we already use 100% compostable packaging, all the way from our burger boxes and cutlery through to our shake cups (yes we know they look a lot like plastic- they aren’t, we promise!).


We would love it if you could join us in our mission to create less waste all together and bring your own keep cups and reusable bottles to the restaurant with you whenever you can!

To makes things a little easier we’ve also introduced a new offer in which you can buy one of our very own Vurger Co. keep cups for just £5! These cups usually cost £18.99- so you’ll be bagging yourself a bargain and doing our planet a favour at the same time :)

It’s these small everyday steps that amount to bigger changes so we’re so happy to have you on board with this!

Big love,
The Vurger Co.