Self Care This Valentine’s Day

The Best Ways To Practice Self Care This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often find it easy to forget to take care of number 1 (hint: that’s YOU!).

We’ve collected some of our favourite pieces of advice for when it comes to giving yourself a little self love! Be sure to let us know if you have any other self care tips that work for you in the comments below!


1. Declutter / rearrange your space

Maybe we’ve been watching a bit too much Marie Kondo recently- but we really feel there’s something to be learned from here. Having a quieter, calmer space free of unnecessary ‘things’ can leave your mind feeling liberated and can even help with that creative block! Plus there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get when you’ve had a good clear out! Just ask yourself- WWMKD*?

(*what would Marie Kondo do…)

2. Pamper yourself

It’s an oldie but a goodie! Have a massage or a spa treatment, buy yourself an amazing smelling candle, run a bath or make yourself a d.i.y facemask! It’s amazing how when you catch a moment to take care of yourself you begin to realise how little you’ve been paying attention to how your body is feeling!

3. Write yourself a love letter

We nicked this one from Nadia Narain and Katia Narain-Phillips’ wonderful book Rituals For Everyday- we just thought it was such an awesome idea! Get yourself some nice stationary and spend time writing out all the things you like about yourself, including personality traits- no matter how small- as if you were writing this for a loved one or friend. If (like many of us) you’re a little pessimistic in nature it feels weird at first- but we promise by the time you’re finished you’ll feel all warm and glowy. Keep it somewhere safe to reach for anytime you are feeling like you need a pick me up or  a little boost of self esteem.


4. Get outside

It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do. Even if it’s walking down your road and back! Especially if you are a work from home type, it can be all to easy to find an excuse to stay inside all day, but getting just 10 minutes of fresh air can have the power to switch your mood, help you to find focus, and a new outlook on whatever you’re facing that day!

We all need a bit of that vitamin D!

5. Take a tech time out

here’s a fun game to try- switch it all off! For an entire afternoon, morning, day, week, whatever! Just do it! Between our phones, laptops, game consoles and TVs, our minds are constantly overstimulated. All this screen time can distract us from reality and from our own body and mind. Try switching everything off for a certain amount of time each day and you’ll find yourself with more time to do the things you’d forgotten- like picking up a book, finishing that painting, or maybe getting in a bit of feel good movement!

6. Start a new habit

Whether that’s positive affirmations, starting a self care journal or mindfulness journal, going for a daily walk, promising to take time each morning to relax with a cup of tea- whatever it is! Make today the day you decide to start.

7. Order some flowers for yourself

The best part about buying flowers for yourself is that you get to choose them. No more supermarket tulips . Check out Bloom & Wild for awesome and easy mailbox flower delivery! You can write a little note to yourself to come with them to remind yourself of why you deserve them .

8. Take a leisurely walk or drive just for the sake of it

Take a look at a map and find an area you’ve never been to before- then just do it, taking in everything around you. Perhaps choose an inspiring playlist for the trip- who doesn’t love pretending we’re in some 90s film montage. Just us?

9. Give yourself permission to binge watch your latest tv show without guilt

Getting outside and being proactive is great, but sometimes we need to listen to our body cues when they’re telling us to rest. Taking care of yourself is all about giving yourself the permission to do whatever you feel is best for you at that moment. Had a busy week and craving a day of pure Netflix binge? Get on it. Remember to take a quick leg stretch every now and then and stay hydrated!


10. Read a book

Unfortunately in an age where social media is king we can often find ourselves neglecting good old fashioned books for faster, more easily digestible entertainment. Take time half an hour before bed to read a book. Here is a great list of books on self care that we’ve also shared in our newsletter!

11. Get an early night

When’s the last time you went to bed before 10pm? It’s a wild thought isn’t it. Just do it, you’ll thank us later.

12. Cook dinner for friends

It’s an excuse to bring everyone together! Chances are the people close to you are also in need of that social connection.


13. Do something crafty or learn something new that’s always fascinated you

Getting your creative juices flowing is a great way to boost your endorphins. Check out Obby for an awesome selection of workshops and classes, or simply check out Pinterest, Etsy, and YouTube for some inspiration. We’ve got really into weaving recently! Seriously therapeutic and a great way to keep your mind stimulated and hands busy instead of reaching for your phone!

14. Get rid of social media follows that don’t serve you

Anyone that makes you feel sad, unworthy or boring is not worth following. Get rid of that toxic stuff and start following accounts that help to make you feel happy and content in the here and now, as you are! Also follow meme accounts. Nothing like a good meme to boost low morale.

15. Make a dessert and then eat it

Did anyone do this as a child? This is one of the most pleasurable experiences when you allow yourself to do it. Go on, reconnect with your 10 year old self. Find a recipe, do some baking and then sit there with a spoon and eat it fresh from the oven. Hey, maybe even invite a friend over to join the party- they’re probably looking for an excuse to do it too.


16. Contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

It can be a really awesome feeling reconnecting with someone that you have perhaps neglected recently. It can also make that person’s day. Send them a text, give them a call, invite them over for drinks!

17. Get the Helper’s High

try saying or doing something nice for someone everyday. Making someone else feel good is the ultimate self esteem boost, and we don’t do this enough for each other!

18. Do something you wouldn’t normally do

Take a trip to that exhibition you’ve heard lots about, go to the theatre, take a cooking class, skydive! Step out of your normal routine for a fresh outlook and a fresh hit of adrenaline.

19. Book in for a haircut

New hair, new you. Treat yourself and go for somewhere that gives head massages and complimentary drinks too. It’s the ultimate way to while away a few hours.

20. Take a trip to the beach

The beach is a great place to find some perspective. If you’re daring enough go for a swim! Nothing like a winter dip to wake you up from that slump! Bring hot bevvies and a warm snuggly coat for afterwards obviously!


21. Naked yoga!

Bare with us on this one. Pun intended. Doing yoga in the nude helps you to see your body in a different way- all that it can actually do for you, instead of being an aesthetic to uphold- not to mention it’s liberating! Try doing it in your flat with the curtains drawn, or in bedroom if you don’t want your housemates walking in on an unexpected view! Check out what people have to say about it here.

22. Look after someone’s pet for them or take a dog for a walk

There’s honestly nothing like a bit of cuddle time with a fluffy animal! Pets are proven to make you calmer and happier. It’s also another excuse to get outside and get moving! We don’t need telling twice!

The Vurger Co Dog Friends

The Vurger Co Dog Friends

So, there you have it!

We hope you’ve found some useful resources here to aid you in your self care mission!

Remember to look after yourselves and each other this Valentine’s Day :)

Big Love,

The Vurger Co. Team



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