Vegan Alternatives

Looking to shift to a more plant based diet but not sure where to start?

Let’s talk vegetables, guys!  Whether you’re looking for vegan meat alternatives, cheese and butter substitutes or simple vegan meals and recipe inspiration- we’ve got you covered!

Your vegan meat and dairy replacements are closer than you think. Save money and time by ditching the seitan and check out our simple supermarket vegan replacement hacks below!



1. Mushrooms

Great for… replacing chicken, pie fillings, shredded in asian stir fries and being made into scallops.

Mushrooms are one of our all time favourite vegan swaps! They are so so versatile and can take on so many different flavours and textures.

Our fav meaty vegan mushroom recipes right now:

Mushroom and Guinness Pie

10 Minute Miso Mushroom Stir Fry

Mushroom ‘Scallops’ in a Warm Pesto Pool

Have you tried our Kentucky dunkers yet?- Crispy coated king oyster shrooms with a spicy housemade pirinaise sauce.


2. Jackfruit

Great for… replicating pulled pork, slow cooked meat in curries, burrito filling and kebab meat.

Another great vegan alternative to meat. Unlike msuhrooms (which have a slightly earthy flavour to them) Jackfruit is pretty much flavourless so absorbs any flavours or spices you add to it- making it such a great and versatile  option for all kinds of plant based and vegan recipes.

Our fav meaty vegan jackfruit recipes right now:

Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos

Easy Jackfruit Curry

Jackfruit Gyros

Have you tried our Big Mex yet?- A chipotle corn fritter patty topped with salsa, pirinaise, crispy hot jackfruit chicaronnes and lashings of spicy cheesy housemade queso sauce.

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1.cheese-y/Creamy Flavours


These are great blended to create cheesy, creamy sauces. Cashews are the secret to many creamy or cheese-like vegan recipes.

Nutritional yeast

This vegan alternative can be added to almost anything, from pasta sauces, salad dressings pesto and dips to create a more cheese-like flavour.

Why Not Try?
Gina Burgess' Creamy Tomato Pasta- Super indulgent and super simple. Using the vegan alternative of cashews instead of cream, this is one of our all time favourite speedy go-to vegan recipes.

Gaz Oakley’s Best Ever Vegan Carbonara - Carbonara is the ultimate creamy comfort food and this recipe will please any skeptics! Cook it. You won’t regret it.

Have you tried our Mac and Cheese yet? Made using cashews and infused with a generous glug of truffle oil this baby is a firm customer favourite!

2. Pesto

Pesto can easily be made vegan- just don’t use cheese. Dairy free pesto is also readily available in the free from section of most good supermarkets.

Tuna mayo filling.jpg

3. Tuna mayo filling

Look no further than ‘Chickpea Tuna’! This genius combination features chickpeas, capers and vegan mayonnaise to re-create that creamy and salty tuna mayo flavour.

Check out our favourite recipe for chickpea tuna here.

Scrambled Egg.jpg

4. Scrambled Egg

Ackee is an awesome natural and unprocessed replacement for scrambled eggs! Just add your desired seasonings! You can find Ackee in the word food section of most large supermarkets. Alternatively you can use Tofu- which is a little easier to get hold of here in the UK.

Check out one of our favourite recipes for Ackee scramble here.

5. Smoked Salmon

Carrots! This is one of our favourite hacks. By roasting carrots with a little apple cider vinegar and some liquid smoke you can create a seriously drool-worthy smoked salmon substitute. Check out one of our favourite recipes here or find your nearest hotel offering vegan afternoon tea- chances are these babies will be one of the sandwich options! Yum!

6. Bacon

Mushrooms or Coconut Flakes. By adding a combination of tamari, maple syrup and liquid smoke to either mushrooms or coconut flakes, you can recreate that typical pancake bacon flavour!

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Almond, oat, hazelnut, soy, hemp- the list goes on! There are so many great dairy substitutes available in our supermarkets nowadays- the vegan plant milk market is saturated!

If you’re looking for a coffee accompaniment, oat is the way to go as it froths the best. If you are looking to create creamy sauces or need  milk for baking then Soy or Almond are usually best. Hemp milk is a really high protein dairy substitute and hazelnut is great for sweetening up desserts or having with cereal. Yum!

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That Stork you use in your baking? It’s already vegan. Booya! There are also all kinds of vegetable based spreads that make great butter substitutes available in all supermarkets to replace your regular dairy spread. There are all kinds of spreads available made using coconut, avocados, olives or sunflower seeds to name a few. They aren’t always quite as salty though, which can be both a good and a bad thing! If we’re having it on toast and looking for a slightly saltier taste, we sometimes add a little sprinkle of regular salt on top.

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There are various ‘egg replacers’ available to buy online, in wholefood stores and many supermarkets- although we prefer to use chia seeds or flax seeds mixed with water as a vegan alternative to egg. It’s that simple!  You should be able to find both of these in the baking section of your nearest large supermarket.

Great egg replacements for baking:

Chia egg replacer recipe: How to make a chia egg

Flax egg replacer recipe: How to make a flax egg

The Vurger Co. Top Tip- If you’re looking to make yorkshire pudding without egg but have previously had trouble replicating it, do yourself a favour and check out Gaz Oakley’s amazing recipe in his Christmas book- it’s a serious game changer.

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Here at The Vurger Co. we are all about celebrating the power of plants! We hope we’ve given you some good ideas of vegan food alternatives and how to get started with a more plant based or vegan diet. Remember, if you’re new to this It’s all about making those small, gradual switches! Re-imagining vegetables is an awesome and accessible way to get started!

SO much love and be sure to share your vegan food replacements with us on instagram!

The Vurger Co. Team x