Happy Vegan World Day 2019 Special


We are so excited to introduce

the Philly Cheesesteak

onto our menu for World Vegan Day!

With the rise of the popularity of the Beyond Burger, we wanted to do something with it that no one has executed with the Beyond burger before in the UK.

We have taken the softest brioche roll, layered with fresh lettuce base for a little crunch. Topped with a chargrilled Beyond meat steak slice with green pepper and onion spice mix. Not forgetting the most delicious house-made vegan cheese sauce that will blow your mind!

WORLD VEGAN DAY to us is a time to sit back and look at how far the food scene has taken a huge shift to where it is today. Having began in 2016, standing in a market stall and seeing Veganism shift from a fringe movement to mainstream communication is thanks to all the support from you so far. Thank you for giving Veganism a voice and giving our dishes a platform, it has allowed us to get creative and push our boundaries alongside the rest of London.

The Philly Cheesesteak is the one item that we have missed since being Vegan, the crunchiness complete with cheese is a combination that so many people across the capital will say can’t be recreated without meat and dairy – however we beg to differ!


So come and check it out for the first time as we will be launching on World Vegan Day (November 1 st) and will remain as a special on our menu throughout November.

Don’t forget:

Save the date 1st November!

Can’t wait for everyone to try this masterpiece! See you soon