Meet Melissa JEFFErY - the force behind @mjveganfitness



Tell us a little bit about why you started your instagram account? 

I started my account when I started getting into health and fitness and wanted something to keep me accountable for my workouts and to map my progress too. It then became a great place for me to keep being inspired and motivated by all of the other fitness accounts out there - it's where I get my ideas for workouts as well as healthy vegan recipes too! 

Do you think the fitness industry has changed over the years?

Ive been " properly into fitness" for almost 3 years now. At first I found the industry was very much about cardio and running like your life depended on it! Now, it's moved into specific types of training such as weightlifting. It used to be that men only lifted weights in the gym but now so many women are getting into lifting heavy and it's amazing to see such a male dominated area of fitness becoming more female-friendly too! It's amazing to feel strong and healthy and whatever type of exercise makes you feel that way that's awesome.

Would you ever love to work with anyone particular in the future and if so who would it be and why?

Id love to work with a food company (hint hint Vurger ;) ) and create one off recipes or be involved in fitness-related pop ups with awesome vegan food. I'm actually really excited to be involved in next years Vegan Camp Out event held in the UK. We're going to be launching their first ever mind and body marquee complete with workouts and talks on health and nutrition which is super exciting - the guys who set up the whole vegan camp event out are awesome to work with.

Always remain genuine otherwise uploading content can feel like a chore and it should always be something fun!
— @bunny_burpee
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What's your go to evening dinner after a long day at work and why? 

Probably something really quick and simple like a stir fry! I love throwing loads of veggies like broccoli, green beans, red peppers and mushrooms into a wok and gently frying them off and then chucking in some tofu for an extra protein boost. If I'm super hungry (especially after training!) I'll make some brown rice on the side. My favourite dressing is just simple tamari sauce mixed with a little agave, fresh lime and ginger. If I'm feeling adventurous (!) I'll add some peanut butter into the dressing too - it's amazing!

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How important is social media to building your profile? 

I currently only have a small profile on social media but I use it mostly to interact with so many people on there from girls who are into weight training like I am or people that are raving about the next best vegan hotspot to grab dinner in around London, to other vegan activists that are holding events across the city. It's important to connect with like-minded individuals and social media can bring all sorts of people together from all across the world

What have been the biggest challenges, if any, that you have faced since opening up and starting your instagram profile.

The biggest challenge is definitely creating content that your followers aren't going to get bored of. I've definitely struggled with that recently as I was posting the same thing over and over again but I remembered why I set up the account initially and it wasn't to get followers or anything like that, it was just to keep myself accountable and motivated on my fitness journey. It's definitely important, like with all things, to remember why you started something and always stick to your roots and beliefs.

It’s definitely important, like with all things, to remember why you started something and always stick to your roots and beliefs.
— @bunny_burpee


Tell us about one instagram account that inspires you the most?


Im really inspired by Naturally Stefanie as she is such a genuinely lovely girl who has built up an amazing following just doing what she does best - fitness, great vegan food and having fun with it all at the same time.


She's also really made weight training appealing to so many females, showing that you're not going "to get big and muscles" but can create curves and maintain a feminine but strong and healthy physique. I'm also really into following people like James Aspey and Earthling Ed at the moment - what they've done for the vegan community is so inspiring and something I want to get much more involved in going forward. 

What's your signature fitness routine and why? 


When I first started weight training I followed a "bro-split" but I found I'd skip certain days I didn't particularly enjoy training such as chest or biceps. So now I tailor my workouts to suit me and my individual goals. I mostly follow what's known as a "push/pull/legs" split. I train legs 3 times a week (split into one heavy lifting day, one hamstring and quad day and then a glute focused day) I then train "pull" twice a week which is basically shoulders, biceps and back and then one "push" day a week focussing on chest and triceps with some abs thrown in there to help build core strength. I definitely think you should train what you enjoy otherwise you'll become so unmotivated to go to the gym or not enjoy your work out and there's no fun in that!

You and your partner Ollie, often workout together, what's your advice for any budding couples out there that want to get started? 

It's so good to have a training partner (whether that's a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, gym buddy etc) because they really help to push you to your limits during your workouts. Ollie and I often workout together - he hates training legs and so I often take him through my leg day workout where I can help to motivate him and push him through it! Likewise, I really don't like training chest but Ollie gives me new ideas and exercises to keep me interested in the workout. It's also great to have someone kick your arse into gear on days where you're being super lazy and would much rather sit on the sofa with a bag of crisps rather than be at the gym lifting weights but they remind you of your goals and inspire you to go and workout.