A Week of Meditation: CALM


RATING: 9/10


The app is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to manoeuvre around. There are lots of different options, including loads of seven-day guided meditations and series on reducing stress and anxiety. The app asks you to choose from some options of what you most want to get out of the app, such as reduced stress, better sleep, more focus in day to day life. There is also a section where you can select calming ‘sleep stories’ read by people with very relaxing voices such as Bob Ross and Stephen Fry!


I chose a seven day guided meditation course called ‘seven days of managing stress’. Day one included a few minutes of talking about what stress is and how it affects us, followed by a guided meditation set to calming music. I would have liked a little more vocal guidance throughout the meditation section and a little less discussion of what stress is. I think the course is designed for people with a bit of knowledge of meditation already. I found it quite hard to completely focus but I did feel a lot more relaxed/sleepy afterwards!


The meditation was slightly more structured today so I felt I was able to get into it a bit more. After you’ve finished the meditation, you can rate it out of five stars and suggest ways in which it could be improved. There is also an option to set a reminded for each day to start the meditation, which is really helpful.


When I used the app on day there, I was so tired that I started the mediation lying down in bed under the covers, not in the sat-up, straight-back position they suggest. I ended up falling asleep to the meditation even with all the lights on in my room! I guess the relaxation element of the meditation definitely works, but I can see why they tell you to do it sitting up…


Today’s meditation was focused on positive affirmation and I found this really helpful. The narrator’s voice is also really soothing and I’ve grown quite fond of the background music.


I do feel like I’m getting a bit more into meditation. I did find it quite hard to focus on the act of dispelling all thoughts from your head at first, but after a few days I feel like I’ve gotten used to it. It’s become a habit now to complete the mediation before I go to sleep, but I think it actually might be more beneficial to do so in the morning, and might help with focus throughout the day.


I tried the meditation in the morning when I woke up today and immediately felt a lot more calm. The timing definitely helped for me! Although closing your eyes for 10-12 minutes when you first wake up can make you feel more sleepy, I did feel a lot more relaxed and focused for the few hours afterwards. I also think doing it in the evening can be difficult if you’re overly tired from the day, which I often am after uni.


I was quite sad that this was my last day using the app! I definitely would want to explore more on the app as there’s so much I didn’t use, like the sleep stories, music and all the different meditation courses. Although I do find meditation quite difficult and I always have, I think having a voice to guide you is really helpful.


I really enjoyed using the app! It’s so easy to use and really does help to create a relaxed atmosphere. The guided meditation was great and I feel like I learned a lot about stress, too. The only thing I could think of is that the voice of the narrator of pretty much all of the meditations and courses, Tamara Levitt, could possibly get on someone’s nerves if they listened to it too much!