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 Please introduce yourself and what you do for our readers?


Hi! I’m Delphine, a London-based journalist who’s written about topics from how we can all live more zero-waste to the latest travel trends. In my spare time, I’m a natural and organic lifestyle blogger (you can find me on @ftoxins) and an avid vegetarian and (newly) vegan foodie. You’ll most probably find me walking my dogs, watching Netflix or glued to my Instagram.  

What’s been the best and worst experience of working in your field throughout your career?


I had no media contacts when I started out in the magazine industry and interning to work my way up felt like a slow (and expensive) graft but was it worth it? Absolutely. My job has seen me travel the world, meet some incredibly inspiring and interesting people (like the first ever female Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa al-Mansour) as well as household names (hello Brad Pitt!) and it’s given me opportunities and access that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. But, the downside? The media landscape, especially print magazines, has changed so much in the past 10 years with the surge of information so readily and immediately available that the climate has changed a lot and we’ve had to adjust – and in most cases, embrace digital first.


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‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present’ which reminds me to live in the moment.


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We hear you’re newly Vegan, you write passionately about environmental topics also,  like your recent video about the use of plastic – what’s your biggest motivation when writing?


I’ve always loved animals and the outdoors and I went vegetarian 11-years-ago when I was 18 because I remember hearing someone say “you should only eat what you could kill yourself” and I realised my diet was hypocritical to my values. It took a few more years for me to start making more considered choices about what I was consuming but I now try to ask myself what the cost to the planet or to my health could be. My main motivation now is to educate myself (and others) to understand supply chains and ingredients and not just blindly buy into commercial products that often have profit over wellbeing in mind.


How do you feel about the recent change in perception towards veganism in general in the media?


I heard somewhere that the number of people who signed up for Veganuary this year, as opposed to last, was about triple and having just turned vegan last month, the media’s positive inclusion about veganism definitely helped me make the jump. Despite my feelings on everything, I was always reluctant to go vegan because I thought as a time-poor 29-year-old who eats out a lot, I’d struggle with it socially but I’ve been amazed with just how much is on offer.

You’re a hard working, passionate and talented woman, how do you eat well and lead a busy lifestyle in London?


That’s definitely a dilemma as I have a dangerous love of all fried food (plus wine) and I tend to fill my weekday nights with plans. What this means is, I often eat out in the evenings and grab something to go at lunch. Although I admit to never really kerbing my dinner desires, I try to make conscious decisions that help keep the balance. For example, I’ve slowly weaned myself off of processed sugar and when I’m at home, I only use organic coconut sugar and I try to say no to sugary snacks at work. Eating too much sugar made me feel tired all the time and made my skin breakout so I had double-motivation to stay away from it. I also stopped drinking anything that wasn’t water during the day.   


What’s your go to restaurant and your favourite dish?


My local brunch spot is called Brown & Green and they do the best full vegan breakfast but if you’re asking me what my favourite food ever is, it’s a Chinese dim sum called Wu Gok (taro croquette). I used to love it as a child and I’ve recently been able to find vegetarian versions of it in places like Yauatcha. I’m constantly on the lookout for MSG-free, vegetarian Chinese cuisine!


Invest in a glass or stainless-steel water’ll see how much less waste you’ll already be contributing to landfill!

Have you ever had a moment that could have completely changed your life as you know it?

 I think it’s funny in retrospect to look back and see how every dot connects. I’ve had a lot of random interactions and conversations that have resulted in something. I’ve also moved around a lot in my career and I do sometimes wonder what X would have been like if I’d stayed at Y, for example. I once had a job interview for Battersea Dog’s Home and decided not to go so I think about how my life would be had I gone into charity work – and it’s now one of my dream places to produce content for!


What’s your top tip for cutting down on plastic use day to day?

Invest in a glass or stainless-steel water bottle, a bamboo coffee cup, a foldable spork, a tote bag and reusable silicone zip lock bags and you’ll see how much less waste you’ll already be contributing to landfill from a few easy swaps. And then it’s about getting a little more inventive, looking for your closest farmer’s market and learning more about composting and recycling rules.  


What’s your favourite natural & vegan beauty brand / product to use? 

As a rule, I swear by Benecos, Lavera, Odylique and Green People. Odylique do lovely cruelty-free, organic skincare that comes in recycled bottles while Benecos’ lipstick and eyebrow pencil, Lavera’s eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, and Green People’s pressed powder are what I wear every day in terms of make-up.  


Finally, what’s your life mantra?


I think the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated goes a really long way when it comes to how we treat people, animals and the environment. And, apart from that, I love the quote that was paraphrased in Kung Fu Panda (lol): ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present’ which reminds me to live in the moment.



Thank you so so much Delphine for your wise words and incredible motivation.

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