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We started our 100% plant based convenience retail range with a mission back in 2017 and our initial launch with Planet Organic was incredible! So much so, we went away and worked for over a year behind the scenes to develop our range, we elevated our manufacturing processes and ensured that we could build from everything that we had learnt from all of your feedback.

What’s so different about us?

We really care about what goes into each and every product. All of our products have a transparent list of ingredients, with no nasties for maximum nutritious impact.

Manufactured in the UK, we couldn’t be more proud to work with a fully Nut free, Gluten free and Vegan facility. We are truly passionate about allowing everybody to access great plant based food at home. No matter your budget or your lifestyle, we're here to deliver restaurant quality fresh foods to easily cook at home with your family and friends.

Simple! Our food is for everyone.

We want to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants, thank you for making this possible.

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fancy letting someone else do the cooking?

Don’t worry! We are still here in the usual place, ensuring you can eat in or take away.

Every single burger patty, sauce, condiment and vegetable is prepped and lovingly made by our team in our production facility in East London from scratch. From the Classic, Auburger, MLT to the Big Mex, you can be sure to find a plant based patty you love.

We make our mac n cheese in store fresh daily, our shakes are blitzed before your eyes and every single burger is made to order.

We’re here to make plant based food a little more nutritious, convenient and delicious.

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Don’t fear, we’re here to help your event run seamlessly.

We cater for all event types, from your head office annual championships event, to your next door neighbours monthly BBQ event or even your best friends baby shower, we got you!

We can take our little gazebo, fire up our grill, and bring as many plant based patties and buns as you need. Remember we also offer GF buns and salad bowls as alternative options also.

So never fear, just shoot us an email, we can’t wait to hear what amazing things you have up and coming in your calendar!

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revolutionising fast food through the power of plants


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