“Take a moment to breathe consciously”


Lucy says: “Simply pausing and taking three slow breaths down into my belly is one of my favourite practices, especially as it can be done from anywhere! Breathing consciously in this way helps me to feel focused and present, calms me down if I start to feel a little overwhelmed, and truly feeds my soul. I love to practice this when I’m outside in nature - it makes me feel so alive and connected to the world around me!”

How can I get involved?: Try taking some time when you wake up, on a lunch break or before you go to sleep. If you’d like to take it one step further, check out some of the amazing free meditation apps available!


Tip no.4

“Get Creative!”


James says: “Creativity feeds my soul. No matter how busy I am I always find time to do at least one creative thing each day, even if it’s something as small as writing a poem or playing a bit of guitar, to something bigger like rehearsing a play with my theatre company. The way I see it is if you do anything for long enough you’ll find a way to get paid for it! You know what they say- do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

How can I get involved?: Exercising your creativity is a great act of self care- but for many of us it’s really easy to push it to one side when we’re busy. Take time this weekend to sit down and make a list of anything creative that you enjoy. For example; drawing, colouring, baking, cooking, writing, dancing, playing an instrument, crafts, taking photographs, even gardening!

Now make yourself a promise for this upcoming week, that anytime you find yourself with a spare moment at home, instead of reaching for your phone, do something from that list! It’s incredible how much time we can actually free up (and the positive impact it has on our mental health) when we’re not mindlessly scrolling on a daily basis.

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Tip No. 3

“Get yourself some plants!”


Théa says: Living close by to Columbia Road I have the most incredible plant playground on my doorstep. Since moving to East London I seem to have accumulated a very large collection- the flat is starting to look a little like a jungle. Watering and caring for my plants has become a sort of weekend ritual- is allows me time to potter around and meditate over things. It’s actually proven that taking care of plants is good for us- both physically and mentally- it’s a great stress reliever. It may sound strange if you’ve not experienced it before, but there is something extremely satisfying about nurturing a plant and watching it grow, and the accountability for another life that grounds you.”

How can I get involved?: If you’re a newbie plant parent, take a trip to your nearest flower market to grab a bargain- a cactus is always a pretty safe bet, but you can’t go too wrong with a cheese plant or fiddle leaf fig either- they are both fairly easy to maintain. Otherwise, any garden centre or flower shop will do. Make sure you do your research on how much water and what type of light they need- it varies from plant to plant. If you’re a newbie plant parent,  Patch is a great resource for first timers. While a little on the pricey side they deliver to your door and offer step by step care instructions and guidance for any self confessed plant killers.

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 Tip No. 2

“Escape the city for a day in the countryside!”


Hannah says: “Being a born and bred Londoner, this city very much feels like home. But really, I’m a city girl who loves to escape to the countryside when the mood strikes. There’s something so refreshing and magical about long country walks - feeling the wind in my hair and seeing the green rolling hills never ceases to feed my soul!”

How can I get involved?: From small villages and national park trails to cave exploring and countryside pubs, there are so many places you can escape to just a few hours from mainline London stations. Grab a friend and commit to one day this month to hop on the train and visit somewhere in the countryside that you’ve never been before! Try leaving your phones behind for some much needed headspace and an extra sense of adventure .

We can guarantee it’ll leave you wondering why you don’t already make it a regular habit!

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 Tip No. 1

“Take an alternative route to work for a fresh outlook”


Alexa says:
"Since getting a blow up kayak for my birthday, I have made a new years resolution to kayak to work every now and then across the Thames! My colleagues think i'm a bit mad but the fresh air and peace you get out on the water is the most incredibly refreshing way to start the day and gives me a sense of clarity. It's also great to see the city from a different perspective!"

How can I get involved?
For a new perspective, see if you can choose one day next week to take a different route to work- whether that's walking, cycling, skating, taking a different bus route or simply leaving a little earlier to be able to walk through the park! You can definitely count us in next week!