Please would you be able to share your story with us, and what motivated you to get your instagram profile @healthychefsteph started? 


Healthy Chef Steph started totally by accident! I was in my second year of Dance College and was really struggling as I had an awful relationship with food. I was terrified of it! I battled with bulimia for years but it was around this time that it hit its peak. I was advised to seek professional help and did so. Around the time that my treatment started, part of our course was to study ‘Healthy Performer’. It was a lesson to educate us on hour to fuel our bodies to work in the industry. It fascinated me and I wanted to know more. I started to research online and found so many delicious recipes. I was finally happy to enjoy food again. 


In my third year, I LOVED cooking. I frequently posted my latest creations on my personal Instagram (which is no longer in use). My friends were getting so bored of seeing my breakfasts and just begged me to be normal and ‘take a selfie’. 


I started the @HealthyChefSteph account in secret to share my photos and recipes. People seemed to like it, so I kept going! My friend Ryan found my account and told me that i should use it as a platform to help others by sharing my own journey and experiences! That’s what I started to do and 2 and a half years later it’s my full time job! 

We find your profile motivating and extremely supportive for women across the world, what would you say was the key to your success to date?


There are many brand deals and events over the last 2 and a half years that I am proud of. It has been full of ‘Pinch Me’ moments. However, the one that stands out for me was only a few weeks ago. I recently started an event series called #StaySassy after my nan (who I referred to as ‘The Queen of Sass’. It is a 3 hour workshop where I teach women of all ages to walk in heels, teach them a dance routine, have snacks, and then there is a body confidence workshop afterwards. 

Not only did I sell my first event out in half an hour, but by the second event I had doubled the amount of people that came to join in. That alone was a HUGE moment for me to know that people were invested in my story enough to want to come and learn from me. 

But watching those women transform in front of my eyes was hands down the biggest success in my eyes. I watch them walk in with their heads looking at the ground - nervous and shy. 3 hours pass and every single woman is unrecognisable. They start a room full of strangers but leave making friends, with HUGE smiles on their faces, they ooze confidence. 


It is absolutely incredible to see and I am so proud of the little community I am building. 


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Be kinder to yourself. We are all guilty of being far too self critical.
— Stephanie Elswood
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We have noticed some amazing plant based foods in your instagram feed, what's your go to Vegan meal when you cook at home? 


That’s such a hard question!!! I have recently become more plant based and fallen in love with cooking all over again! I’ve always had a sweet tooth so the meal that I’m practically living off at the moment is over night oats with a mango compot, blueberry ‘jam’ and aaaaall the peanut butter. 

Having become known as a top 'health food blogger' - what does that mean to you? 


It means the world to know that people like what I do. I come from a performance back ground constantly pretending to be a role or a character. I feel safe being someone else and being on stage. 


I am so open and honest on social media. I put myself out there in the hope to help others, so knowing that people like me for me is honestly amazing. 

Please would you be able to share your usual morning routine? 

I wake up every morning between 7am and 9am. I get up and make myself a protein smoothie packed full of macro and micro nutrients. I head straight to the gym (usually dragging my Boyfriend Luke with me), smash a session, come home, have a shower and a snack and crack on with work.  

Confidence is one of the biggest challenges that women face, please would you be able to share what helped you along the way in raising your confidence levels and believing in yourself? 


I have a little book of positivity. Every evening I write down 5 things I am grateful for and 5 things that I like about myself or I am proud of. By physically writing these things out and digging deep to find new ones everyday, I find it really helps me. 


Also, when ever I’ve had an amazing day, I write myself a letter explaining the exact mood I’m feeling. If ever I have a down day, I read that letter back.

@ healthychefsteph


I have a little book of positivity. Every evening I write down 5 things I am grateful for and 5 things that I like about myself or I am proud of.
— Stephanie Elswood


What are you working on next? What are your goals and aspirations for the rest of the year? 


I am working on many different exciting projects at the moment, but the one that I’m most excited about is the #StaySassy events. My goal is to start my own charity to support people from those suffering from Cancer to those with mental health issues. I’m using the money raised from the events to make this happen. 


Another goal of mine is to go into schools and talk to the younger generation about how to be more positive. I hope to teach them things they can carry through to the rest of their lives. 


What's the greatest piece of advice you can share with our readers? 

Be kinder to yourself. We are all guilty of being far too self critical. Every time you insult or scrutinise yourself, I want you to compliment yourself. Start celebrating the wonderful things you have to offer, rather than picking out the things you don't like about yourself. 

If women had confidence, they could take over the world
— Stephanie Elswood @healthychefsteph

Finally, if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why? 


I would love to change the way women and young girls view themselves. My favourite quote is ‘If women had confidence, they could take over the world’.

It scares me how important body image is to some people. It rules their lives - as it did mine for a period of time. I want to do everything I can to make people realise how wonderful they are regardless of size, shape, colour or appearance.


Stephanie, thank you so much for the amazing insight into your amazingly positive life! Check in with Stephanie's events right here!