Winter blues setting in?

It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected a gold mine of top tips from some of the most motivated and influential people in the wellness space right now to help get you through THe COLDER SPELL AND more importantly, THOSE DIFFICULT EARLY RISES!

What Do You Like To Do When You’re Feeling Low on Motivation?

Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciously Ella

I try and get a routine going so that no matter how I wake up feeling I’m in the habit of doing things that help me feel calmer and more grounded. For me that’s a daily yoga practice, I find the idea of physically making space in my body really powerful for mentally making space.

What’s Your Top Tip for Waking Up Early in The Winter Months?

Olivia Wollenberg, Founder of Livia’s Kitchen

Turn the lights on as soon as the alarm goes off. The darkness outside makes you seem more sleepy than you are so light will help you wake up promptly.

Hannah, @mylifeisforliving

Try to fix a constant wake up time, as this will help your body’s circadian rhythm. Training my body to get up within 20 minutes (or so!) of the same time each day definitely helps me to wake up feeling refreshed despite the darker winter mornings. I then like to jump straight into the shower before making myself a hot drink as I get ready. Sticking to a consistent morning routine helps me to feel prepared for whatever the day may bring!

Michelle Pernetta, founder of Fierce Grace Hot Yoga

I’ve been using a Lumi sunrise clock for over ten years -  with winter mornings being so dark it’s a lovely way to wake up. It creates a slow sunrise light on your wall for the 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, waking you gradually in the same way a summer dawn would. It avoids the sudden shock of an alarm as your are already gently aware of the light.

What’s Your Go-To Technique for Getting Out of The House and Exercising When It’s Dark Outside?

Adrienne Herbert, Adidas Global Ambassador and Co-Founder of GetToKnow

Make a plan, schedule your workouts for the week and write them in your diary. You’ll be more accountable when it’s written down in black and white on your to do list. Go to bed early, sleep is so impossible and it’s SO much harder to get up on a dark morning when your over tired. Find a fitness buddy. It’s more fun to train with a friend and you can keep each other motivated.

MJ, @mjveganfitness

Put your gym gear on! Putting your favourite pair of leggings or sports bra on that makes you feel like a million dollars will get you in the mood to get to the gym! Always get dressed to your fave gym tunes too - a bit of Beyoncé will get you in the zone and you’ll be at the gym before you know it!

Favourite Energising Recipe for Cold and Rainy Days?

Annie Clarke, Mind Body Bowl

A big thing for me in winter months is something warming to eat, so lots of porridge, soups and stews, and embracing the shift in season. As it gets darker and the energy draws us in, its an opportunity to look inwards rather than the fire of summer that keeps us dancing with friends! It's ok to embrace the shift, rather than fight it. For me, that makes a huge difference to how I feel in the winter.

Here are some of my favourites:

Sweet Potato Tofu Curry

Spiced Porridge with Stewed Clementines

How Do You Keep Those Happiness and Wellbeing Levels Topped Up Over The Winter Months?

Danielle Peazer, You Tuber and Founder of The Danielle Peazer Method

I definitely find it harder to keep a positive mindset as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop but I prepare for it as best I can.  I make sure I schedule in workouts as that for me is a great way to stay positive. I exercise for my mental health rather than to 'stay slim' and I find it's a great way for me to stay positive whilst looking after my entire body.  During the summer months I definitely indulge in food more and always make a conscious effort to up my fruit and vegetable intake in winter to help avoid any illnesses and look after myself from the inside out. Although I'm not a huge fan of winter or the cold weather, I absolutely love Christmas and the lead up to it so the earlier the decorations start coming out the better in my opinion.  It's a great time of year to spend more time with family and friends - all of these things help contribute to a happy Danielle over the winter months!

What Are Your Favourite Ways To Exercise and Stay Active When It’s Cold and Rainy?

Carly Rowena, You Tuber and Personal Trainer

The darker days and colder weather makes all of us want to snuggle up at home with our dressing gowns on however winter is actually the perfect time to get started on a new plan or workout regime to keep those feel good endorphins pumping. Sit down with your diary on a Sunday and plot your workouts into your diary, schedule them like important meetings and then pop your workout wardrobe on the radiator the night before so that it’s nice and inviting to hop into in the morning.

As The Days Get Shorter and Colder, How Do You Combat Lethargy and Stay Productive?

Morgan, @healthyhappyglow

Creating space for a self care ritual that lights you up and fills your cup - to keep yourself flowing through the darker days. Whether that’s blocking time to curl up with a cacao and a good book, or signing yourself up to talks and workshops that you’ve always been curious about, or even simply enjoying a proper distraction-free bath- I think we seriously underestimate the power of recharging in order to power on.

Clare, @thelittlelondonvegan

To combat lethargy, I resist the temptation to hibernate and I keep myself active and going to the gym every weekday morning as it gives me energy and sets me up for the day!

Matt Mills, CEO Deliciously Ella

Exercise and eating well gives me energy, so remaining disciplined in that, even when it’s cold, is my key.