Kitty cowell

Fashion Stylist @kittycowell

Hey Kitty!

As one of our greatest supporters it’s so great to be able to catch a minute with you!

1. Could you quickly introduce yourself to our readers and them us a little bit about what you do?!

Heyyy, I'm Kitty, I'm a fashion stylist, fashion and lifestyle blogger who focuses on vegan, gluten-free food, fitness and more...! I also present videos sometimes.  I also run a blog turned creative agency called 'The Unisex Mode' where we consult and create content based around a unisex perspective.

2. What does a typical day of work look like for you?

WELL, that's hard to say as each day is totally different. Somedays like today I'm working at home for the morning, then I'll go to the gym, then I have a meeting and 2 events! Other days I'm on set styling a campaign or presenting a video for Sony or the Mutha Youtube channel or other places too... 

3. What’s the coolest thing that you’re working on at the moment?

Hmm,  I have some cool stuff coming up with The Unisex Mode- we just did some design consultancy for Adidas and we have some other exciting brand stuff soon.

I am working as a presenter for the Mutha youtube channel talking about sustainability and Veganism in all aspects of life from food to fashion. LOTS of stuff hehe!

4. What came first, the styling or the blogging- and do you have a favourite?!

Actually, blogging came first then styling. But I did study fashion design so it kind of made sense that I fell into something around it. I love both and frankly, I would be bored if I only did one. I'm a workaholic! It's easy when you love what you do... 

5. Throughout your multiple channels you seem to be releasing so much awesome content on a regular basis! How do you come up with ideas for new content?!

Hmm well I think being so passionate about the stuff you do helps. I have about 1997766 ideas a week.  It's more about reigning them in and trying to make them work for me and the story I'm trying to tell. I also love creating so I do a lot of it myself. But I also do work with some amazing people like photographers etc.

6. You have such a unique and individual style, what are some of your greatest influences?

Pharrell Williams and Gwen Steffani are my style icons. But also straight edge hardcore bands influenced me a lot and still do. People like Toby from H20 and John Josephs from Cro Mags. They are cool as hell plus lead me in a positive direction in subjects like Veganism. 

7. Your hair is a conversation point of its own. What colour is next… or is it a secret?!?!?!

OKAY so I am staying yellow ongoing now, but in different ways. There will always be a new twist like the green streaks at the mo. In the past, I did pink into yellow. Yellow is going to be my ongoing vibe. But I'm going to keep switching it up and adding to it one way or another. My hairdressers, 'NOT ANOTHER SALON', help so much with keeping the ideas flowing. THEY ARE WIZARDS!  

8. What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into styling?

Honestly, you need to realise it is HARD WORK. This is not a walk in the park, you need to spend years assisting, working your ass off, carrying suitcases and wanting to learn to make it your job and reap the rewards. I had no option. It was either do a job I hated or bust my ass to get one I loved and create a life I enjoyed.  

Too many kids these days think they can throw a few pics on instagram and become successful. Sure it's an awesome tool, but your skill and experience is what's going to stand the test of time. YOU CANNOT SKIP EXPERIENCE.  

9. Do you have a favourite job that you’ve worked on?

I just went to Milan to style a new Footlocker campaign, I'm excited for that to launch.

I was in the Bape x Puma campaign a few years ago and am still so GRATEFUL to have worked with Bape.  

10. What are your top tips for forging and growing a strong relationship with a brand?

Be real and honest about products. If you can't see a way to make something fit your personal style, don't do it. But also, always rise to a challenge. My favourite part of my job being an 'influencer' is the part where I can take something that people don't see as 'cool' right now and make it look cool as f^ck! 

So many people now just think it's all about wearing the 'hype' stuff cos that's what's in. But honey you are not influencing me. You are following whoever set that damn trend. Show me ugly and make it hot!  

If you truly believe in a brand it will show. And if you are buying it and wearing it before and in between when they gift you they will know you are dedicated rather than just in it for a quick bit of fame/money. Those are the brands that keep giving back and help you to grow your own brand.

For me that is Not Another SalonGoogle, you guys at VurgerVida BakeryVegan NightsVirgin ActiveFootlocker etc... When people think of me they tend to associate me with those brands and vice versa now. And that's something I'm happy about it and it's because I'm truly passionate about working with them.

11. You always seems to be managing so many different projects at once! What’s your secret?

Well actually my secret is giving yourself quiet days to manage the content/plan ahead days. 

Yes I do a lot, but there are weeks where it gets too much as I'm on shoots etc all day. I have to plan in a day at home the next week to get on top of my emails and content planning. Otherwise it gets too much.

Yes sometimes I work on weekends and in evenings too BUT the best thing I've done is give myself breaks. I try to work 9-6pm or start at 1-11pm and have the morning at the gym etc. The more you burn yourself out the less you can do.

12. What’s next for you? We’d love to know what’s in the pipeline!

Planning ideas with youtube people. Lots more fashion/sneaker content. Travel and food reviews and lots of festival stuff coming up. I've been invited to tons already but I'm not your typical festival goer.  

I like rock mostly so keep an eye peeled for me interviewing bands...

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Thanks so much for sharing your awesome insight Kitty!

You are a serious powerhouse! We feel pretty inspired to get working on some projects of our own!

Have a wonderful day!
The Vurger Co. Team x