Hey Luisa!

You’ve been amazing at supporting us for a while now and we are so happy to finally be able to chat with you!

1. Firstly, please would you be able to introduce yourself and a bit about what you do for our readers?

Hey Vurger! Thanks so much for chatting with me. To introduce myself I'm Luisa-Christie. A lifestyle blogger with a very creative blog name: (+ @luisachristie on all socials). I'm based in London, but originally from Brighton! I cover a range of things including (but not limited to!): Amazing Vegan food (hey that's you!), Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, Live Music, Festivals, Inclusive Fashion, and of course... Cats!

2. What tips do you have for anyone wanting to build a presence on social media?

Authenticity for me is key! I never wanted to create an unobtainable lifestyle that people view from the outside and feel like it's untouchable. Real life isn't a highlight reel, so although you want to choose the "best moments" to showcase, being real, and personable and relatable is so important, in my opinion at least. That's something I always try so hard to focus on when doing blogs/social media posts/instagram stories. So those would be my top tips!

Also if you're in it for the freebies/money - I would say re-eavulate. It's hard work (especially on top of a full time job!), and you can spend a lot of time on things for sometimes little return. But you gotta do it and share it because you love it.

3. Your unique style is such a huge part of you- where do you draw inspiration from?

Oooh what a good question! I think first and foremost it's from musicians I love. I've always been a pop punk (/myspace) girl... If you couldn't already tell from the nose ring and lip piercing, and blue hair... Haha. Also my friends! I'm surrounded by so many colourful and wonderful people. They inspire me daily. I pick my favourite bits and kinda smush it together.

4. What have been your highlights as a blogger so far?

Wow there have been so so many! I would say a top few would be getting to try amazing vegan food (sometimes before it is available to the public - that always makes me feel quite fancy). Also being a "model" with some other blogger girls for a Hello Kitty clothing line at a very well-know High Street store. That was pretty amazing! Recently I've also done a huge blog post all about cats and being a Cat Mum in collaboration with a brand. And it was just the most "me" thing ever!

An upcoming thing, that I am sure will blow everything out of the water is my first press trip abroad. On 17th April I'm going to India with a company called Go India Initiative ( to do their brand new "Ahimsa Trail". Which is all about veganism, animals, and generally getting immersed in the culture. It's an Indian company so will all be authentic and means we're immersed in the culture. My mum has also booked to come on the trip too - we have lovely adventures together. In the 10 days we're there, we're in both Mumbai and a home-stay in Goa. I honestly cannot wait!

5. Now, let’s talk food! What made you switch to a vegan diet?

As a lifelong Vegetarian I guess it was kind of a natural progression. I never tried meat as a child, didn't like eggs, and switched to plant milks when I was a teenager. I was however cheese O B S E S S E D. So cutting that out was a scary thought and I put it off for ages. In the end I went to Vegfest one year, met the Veganuary team, tried loads of amazing Vegan cheeses at different stalls, and decided the next January I would give it a go... And I haven't looked back since! It's been 3 years and 3 months for me now! I did a blog post all about after the first month which you can read here:

6. We know you love to eat out! Do you have any easy go-to dishes for the in between times?

Oooh I have to say I LOVE a crumpet. Whether it's savoury or sweet (usually the former). I usually pile it high with a bunch of stuff, soft cheese (vegan of course), some kind of fake meat (tofurkey is a fave), some kind of hot sauce and all the salad I have. I am obsessed with rocket and eat it out of the bag very often. If there's no crumpets left I'll put all of that in a wrap. Quick and easy and so tasty!

7. Your job sounds really cool… How did you end up in the music industry and get to where you are now and do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into a similar role?

I am very lucky I have a full time job in music! It's an industry that is tricky to get in to, but now I am here I've got my claws in and won't be leaving without a fight, haha.

I went to music uni (BIMM in Brighton), and growing up I wanted to be a singer, which I later realised wasn't feasible (my vocal stamina is not that great, and to be a singer you gotta sing live a lot). So I ended up doing an unpaid internship, then a (very low) paid internship before being offered a full time role. Since then I've moved on to being the 'Influencer Marketing Lead' at Atlantic Records UK - managing all collabs/partnerships with content creators - whether it's paid work, or event invites.

My advice would be, to be a "YES" person. I mean that in terms of when people ask you to get stuck in with a project, or helping out. Even if you're just helping out for one day you want to make yourself invaluable, or at least make it so what you're doing is really helpful to others. That's how I got my paid internship which ended up being a full time job I moved to London for. Volunteering at festivals (you never know who you may meet) is something good to do too, if you can. The Great Escape is one I helped out with a few times. I use LinkedIn to connect with people after meeting (make sure you profile is up to date and your photo is professional), and find some people you champion in different roles and varying companies and see what they're doing/sharing (either on LinkedIn) or twitter (if their account is public). I think Twitter is the least personal of all the social networks. You're not invading their personal life (like if you added them on Facebook), or seeing all their holiday snaps (on Instagram).

8. What’s your favourite thing about your role?

That's a tough one! It really varies but I think generally going to gigs/festivals is a huge perk. I remember stressing as a kid trying to get tickets for my favourite artists/bands - now I get to see them for free, and often take influencers along too (some of which are mates or become mates) - so that's really great! My job is doing Influencer Marketing - it's quite a new kind of role and different from the traditional "record label" jobs. My days are really varied, but it's awesome to be able to work with so many different types of people.

9. What are some of your favourite places to see music in London?

There are so many great venues, but I think it also depends on the artist and how they can fill that space. Some favourites I go to often are probably: Electric Ballroom Camden, The O2, Wembley Arena, Roundhouse. All fairly big ones, but sometimes you can't beat a little pub sideroom venue if the artist/band is GREAT!

10. What do you think are the festivals to look out for this summer?

Glastonbury 100%! Last year was a fallow year so it wasn't on, but this year it is and wowww I could not be more excited! Not only do they have such a huge array of stages, they have vegan food a-plenty, an area where you can make things (I made a bracelet out of a vintage silver spoon), and the South East Corner area where you can dance until the sun comes up!

I'm also hoping I'll go to Slam Dunk which is the Sunday of the last bank holiday in May, All Time Low are headlining (who I love!). There's also Download for the weekend at Donnington Park which has such a nostalgic line-up - Def Leppard and Slipknot? Yes please! Mighty Hoopla for the day, which is in South London - I had such a blast last year (I went with Kraken Rum), and this year it's a Saturday, so I can have an extra cocktail or two. They also had an entirely vegan food stall area too - it was soo good, hope they bring that back! 2000 Trees is on in July which is probably the smallest, but has a great Alternative Rock/Pop line-up. It has a really lovely vibe to it aswell, and a stage in the middle of the woods with colourful bunting, it's such a nice chill out zone. And of course to end festival season on the bank holiday in August there's my beloved Reading Festival! It always has one of the best festival line-ups for a former myspace kid like me!

11. You moved to London from Brighton quite a few years back! What would be your suggested itinerary for someone taking a day trip to Brighton this spring/summer? We’re asking for a friend

Ahhh there are sooo many amazing places in Brighton (especially to eat)... Let's start with the food. My vegan faves are: Happy Maki, who are festival regulars. They do huge sushi rolls. Beelzebab at the Hope & Ruin pub. Iydea in the North Laine - delicious heart food. And finally Purezza for the cheesiest vegan pizza I've ever tried (also dough balls filled with cheese, mmm)

Activity wise the pier/pebbly beach is definitely a rite of passage. Get yourself a Happy Maki sushi roll and wander up the pier - admire the beautiful views along the beach, maybe play an arcade game or go on a ride if you fancy, but look out for seagulls as they do like to steal food. Also give yourself some time to get lost in the lanes. There are so many little lanes with cute shops that are very near the train station and all in walking distance from the centre. Just wander about!

I hope you’ve liked my tips!

Thanks so much for chatting with me - this has been a lot of fun! Can't wait to pop down again soon for another pot of your WONDERFUL Mac n Cheese!!

Thanks so much Luisa!

Big love,

The Vurger Co.

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