A Week of Meditation: INSIGHT TIMER

insight timer.png

RATING: 10/10

"This might have just changed my life!"

My actual words to Rachel the second I finished the first session using Insight Timer.

I'm naturally a pretty sceptical guy, about most things. Some would say negative, I say realist, but either way it takes something really special to make me sit up and say something can change my life! 

Over the last 5 years especially, I have worked really hard on improving myself as a person, learning more about my mind and figuring out how to adjust my perceptions of day to life. It's a journey, and the results are variable, but I'm definitely a far more considerate, mindful and conscious person compared with 5 years ago. I used to think meditation was something other people did and would never be something that would help me, and I have briefly experimented with other similar apps, but I can honestly say Insight Timer is one of those rare things that has stopped me in my tracks!

I started with the 7 day taster course to get you into meditation, and it gives you one 10 minute session every day of guided (and very simple) meditation. It's not even anything like what I used to think meditation was. It's basically trying to help you be more in tune with your thoughts, more conscious of your feelings and actions and encouraging you to find a calm moment in a hectic day. I did the sessions at night just before going to sleep and on most of the sessions, I was literally falling asleep at the end of them. It talks at the beginning about your 'monkey mind', which pretty much perfectly sums up my mind most days. Thoughts bounce around, so much so that you can't think straight, and that is what this app is all about. It encourages you to observe the crazy thoughts, rather than fight them. It's perfectly normal for the mind to race like this, especially if you are busy and have lots on your mind, but learning to control them a little more is essential to finding the best version of yourself and ultimately I'm pretty sure that's what we're all here to do.


I have continued using Insight Timer, admittedly not every day, but I am using it certainly several times a week. I am learning more about meditation as a result of being introduced to the app and I think it will eventually help me along my own personal journey. It takes time and like anything, I am sure sure practice will make it a more beneficial endeavour, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. 

In short, I highly, highly recommended.