We get to know Lucy Moon- successful blogger, You Tuber and co-host of the awesome and insightful 'Banging Book Club' podcast.

With over 315k subscribers on her incredible You Tube channel alone, Lucy is a pretty dab hand at all this social media business!

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How do you feel you’ve changed since building your social media brand? 


I think I've just grown as a person in general - I don't think my social media presence has really changed that. I've been making content online for just under a decade so naturally I've grown into myself a lot more over that time.


What tips do you have for anyone wanting to build a presence on social media? 


Make what you love and keep making it. The more you make, the better you'll get. People want to follow really good content that feels authentic, so once you have that you'll be on your way to gaining a following.

You talk quite openly about relationships and similar topics! How do you strike a balance between your private life and what you share on your social platforms? 


I tend to keep my family private and have as many friendships offline as I have online. Many of my closest friends have never been on camera and I think that's quite nice! It's also important to utilise the power of editing - you can document everything happening to you but curate it afterwards to make sure you're comfortable with everything that you eventually publish online.



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Make what you love and keep making it.
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Tell us a bit about your podcast!


I have a podcast with my two friends, Hannah and Leena, called Banging Book Club. We read a book about sex or gender every month and then review it. It's a lot of fun! 


What’s your favourite podcast (other than your own!)?


I love '...And The Writer Is' - it's a podcast where the songwriter Ross Golan interviews other songwriters and talks to them about their journey to where they are now. I love writing songs, so I find this podcast is full of invaluable advice and so much knowledge. It also offers an insight into the music industry, which I find fascinating.

Fashion is a big focus on your blog- who is your style inspiration?


I find that a lot of my style inspiration comes from London and Paris street style, and from a lot of the blogs and Instagram accounts I follow. I find London endlessly inspiring, I think we wear some of the best outfits in the world over here. Grace Victory is always an inspiration, as is Lizzy Hadfield and Sammi Maria.


Do you have any tips for looking after your skin and hair when it’s this hot?!

I’m asking for a friend… 

Keep it clean and use suncream! Suncream is vital. With your hair, use a hair mask every couple of weeks to tame the frizz and just work with the idea that it's not likely to stay straight for long...



You’re really into your R & B, what’s your favourite place to see live music in London?


I love the O2 academy in Brixton, I've seen so many unforgettable shows there. Stormzy's show was really special because he was playing to a home crowd, I've never felt energy like that in a venue before.


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I think I’ve just grown as a person in general - I don’t think my social media presence has really changed that. I’ve been making content online for just under a decade so naturally I’ve grown into myself a lot more over that time.

Finally, what’s your idea of a perfect Sunday in London?


I love a simple Sunday; sleeping in followed by a homemade brunch will always make my day. I'm happy to just hang out in my boyfriend's garden all afternoon, but if I'm leaving the house then finding a nice beer garden or going to a gallery are my favourite things to do.



Thanks so much again Lucy- and for the record we are definitely with you on the simple Sundays! Nothing beats a homemade brunch- except for maybe a Vurger Co. burger of course! ;P



You can find Lucy on instagram using the handle @iamlucymoon. 


Check out Lucy's beaut of a website here or click here to check out her awesome You Tube videos!

All photo credit: @iamlucymoon