Hannah baby.jpeg

Originally from - Kent/Somerset

Fav Vurger - Auburger or Holy Habanero

Useless talent - Touching my nose with my tongue

When you're not at Vurger what are you doing?

I'm just about to go into my third year at university, so I'll be back to writing essays and seeing my uni friends. I also do lots of cooking and reading.

Where is the coolest place you've travelled and why?

This summer I went to Bali for 5 weeks and I loved it. The people, food, culture and weather were all amazing!

What's your life mantra?

Hakuna Matata

What's your idea of the perfect Sunday in London?

I would wake up early and go to Columbia Road flower market, then get some vegan brunch. Chill with my boyfriend, do something outdoor-sy like a walk in a park, and go get a vegan roast somewhere.