Rachel baby.JPG

Originally from - Swansea, South Wales!

Fav Vurger - The Beast (because I can't decide)

Useless talent - I can eat 3 of our mac n cheese portions in a row when i'm hungry - definitely a talent.  

What is guaranteed to cheer you up no matter what? 

Any photo of any cute dog  or a huge hug from my nieces - both are guaranteed to make me smile any time, any day no matter what i'm feeling! 

What's something that you think is highly underrated?

The humble rich tea biscuit! Dipping rich tea biscuits into vegan chocolate hazelnut spread -  does anyone else do this? What a game changer. 

Coolest place you've ever been?

I just love to travel, its in my soul. But if  I have to chose one place I just love Lower East Side New York - I feel totally at home when i'm there, love the vibe, the people, the energy, the hustle. 

You have a day off in London. Where do you go?

If I had any time off, it would absolutely revolve around eating my way around London finding the newest and most amazing vegan eats oh and Columbia Road flower market ...If i'm not completely exhausted and sleeping!  

What's your absolute dream breakfast scenario?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and so overlooked these days. My dream would be a huge stack of pancakes. I adore them with chocolate hazelnut spread & strawberries - all the sweet stuff and a huge cup of good old fashion breakfast tea because well, whats a morning without a cuppa?