Originally from - East London

Fav Vurger - The Classic Burger (no gherkin, no onion but with avo and extra burger sauce) 

Useless talent - I can do a convincing Liverpudlian accent - if that counts :P

What film can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Love Actually. 

What’s the most eye opening moment of your life so far?

Losing a close family member very suddenly and in difficult circumstances and realising that life is too damn short. 

You’re renovating a house in Somerset - how did that come about?!

My in-law's have a cottage in Somerset so we have been visiting the village for about 6 years. A 400 year old cottage came on the market in that same village and we snapped it up with a view to renovating and relocating down there one day! 

Ideal Sunday in London?

Have a lie-in, then head to The Vurger Co for some lunch, then onto Vida Bakery for a peppermint tea and slice of cake. Then i would head to Victoria Park for a Sunday stroll and then walk home via the Regents Canal. Perfect. 

Would you rather fight 100 burger sized horses or one horse sized burger?

100 burger sized horses!