Originally from - Spain

Fav Vurger -Auburger with extra pickled cabbage

Useless talent - I frequently talk when I'm asleep but no one has yet to unscramble what the heck I say

So what’s the best thing you can cook?!

I can make a banging "Gazpacho" although technically there's no cooking involved.

Do you have any weird food combinations that you enjoy?

"migas con chocolate" This one is a typical dish that comes from the mountains in Granada. It's basically deep fried stale bread served with cinnamon, sesame seeds and melted dark chocolate.

What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched?

There're many and I don't have one to be considered The ultimate documentary. I think everyone should watch 'HyperNormalization' by Adam Curtis though. 'The girl who talked to dolphins' by Christopher Riley is another fav of mine.

What’s your favourite area in London?

To ride: the canals.

To walk: along the river, when the tide is low.

Park life: Springfield park

Pub: 'The Anchor and Hope'

Is there a meaning to life?

“Respiration without air"

If so, what is it?