A Week of Meditation: OMVANA


RATING: 5/10


The appearance is definitely a bit outdated, it looks as though it’s been developed for an earlier phone generation. After trying to navigate I also found it difficult to find relevant meditations and info. 


Today I started with a track that comes already downloading in the library. There is an option where you can listen to a speaking track over a background track but I couldn’t find a background track to match it so I just listened to the speaking. The meditation track itself was more topical and specific than I would have liked for the first day but it was still a good track overall. 


Today I woke up and began my day with the Morning Meditation track. Admittedly I struggled to stay awake but thats my own fault for staying up late the previous night. The track was very uplifting and had me starting my day in a positive mind set. 


I finally found tracks for a beginner! I have found this app really hard to navigate but I have managed to find a series of 6 days which gives you an introduction before each meditation and a meditation for each of the 6 days. Bonus: it’s free so good for beginners who are still testing the waters like me! I listened to the introduction in the morning and then the meditation in the afternoon. The medication itself was quite nice, it used a lot of visualisation, I still struggle to keep my mind from wandering but it was guided really well. 


Today I was feeling quite stressed and anxious. I was interested to see how the meditation would effect me. I decided to skip the introductory track and go straight to the meditation track because I was short on time. The meditation itself is just over 8 minutes long. I found it extremely valuable to have my breathing guided and be visualising even for a short period of time. It definitely calmed me down and allowed me to continue my day with a clearer head. 


Todays meditation track didn’t really relate to anything I am currently feeling or dealing with in life so I didn’t resonate with it. I went through the motions but did’t feel any effect


This day in the beginners set resonated with me more, it was about envisioning the future. I played the track just after I’d woken up and found it to be a really motivational way to start the day. I am still listening to the tracks without the background noise as it’s not quite clear how to find the right background track. 


The track I listened to today was a simple track about “the perfect day”. I listened in the morning so it was perfect timing. It was an easy track to listen to and definitely put me in a good head space to tackle the day.


I have pretty mixed feelings about the Omvana app. I definitely found it hard to use and even after the 7 days I still hadn’t figured out how to properly utilise key selling features of the app such as having background noise with the meditation tracks. The beginner tracks were extremely helpful, however, they should have been suggested in the introduction.

Overall I think the tracks I listened to were great but the app itself needs more refining and updating. I feel as though having an app that is difficult to navigate contradicts the calming benefits of meditation.