To revolutionise fast food forever through the power of plants
— The Vurger Co

Locally sourced produce

We will always aim to use locally sourced produce. It is our mission to ensure we work with great local suppliers.


locally sourced bakery

All of our buns are made in a London bakery that uses the finest of ingredients to create the best Vegan brioche bun in town!  



100% PLANT BASED menu

It is our promise to ensure that everything on our menu is always 100% plant based- ethically sourced and produced. 

People and planet

Giving to others makes us human. We invest in social causes, both local and abroad and we will make a difference. Engage, think deeply and live consciously. 


Natural and wholesome flavours

We only use the very best vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes in all of our patties. They do not contain wheat, gluten or meat substitutes.



All of our packaging is made from plants, meaning that all items are compostable. Sourced from a company that takes pride in creating innovative and sustainable packaging we have used them since day 1 on our market stall.