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We are having the best time, making Vurgers, spreading the plant based love and meeting such amazing people along the way.

To give a little perspective, we have only traded a total of 8 Market Dates @Tottenham Green Market and 16 Pop up dates in total @the Pill Box Kitchen in Bethnal Green and to say we are blown away by YOUR support, would be an understatement. 

So we thought we would share our journey with you in images, actually your images and your reviews of us :) 

Happy Reading! (well it made us happy anyway) 


the news and reviews of each pop up


The first Vurger Co pop up

15th October 2016



4th December 2016 we hosted an incredible Xmas fair day,  


Pill Box Kitchen Bethnal green

27th November 2016


Our 3rd pop up 

11th December 2016 - the one where we literally sold out

 Our final 2016 pop up on 18th December 2016

Our final 2016 pop up on 18th December 2016

We are so excited yet humbled by how you turned out to support us on our final 2016 pop up day. We served Vurgers a plenty, we delighted with our mulled wine and we certainly saw smiles on your faces. Read all about it here. 

 We start 2017 with a new menu!  

We start 2017 with a new menu!  

So excited to be starting 2017 with a new menu and a series of pop ups at the Pillbox Kitchen where we've kind of settled quite nicely! Read all about how the first day went here and what you all had to say about it!  

21st January - Our second January pop up! Read all about it here!  

4th February Pop up - Read all about the final in the series. 


11th March POP up @ The Pillbox Kitchen in Bethnal Green

28th January pop up - The third in 2017! 

25th February 2017 - the first of our next pop up series

25th March 2017 POP UP @ the Pillbox Kitchen