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Please would you be able to introduce yourself to our readers? 

My name is Pixie, I'm a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr), food blogger, and wellness rebel! 

We are super lucky to have met you through our pop ups, please tell us about your Instagram profile, and what got you started?


I started my Instagram as a food diary, because I changed my diet for all the wrong reasons, but I've learnt from my mistakes now! I now still share food pictures, but I also write about nutrition myths and nutrition-related topics that make me angry. I have a straight-talking, no-BS approach. 

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The ones that make me most angry are the ones that encourage fear of food or food groups. It’s totally unacceptable.
— Pixie Turner
I saw so much misinformation online, especially on social media, that I couldn’t just stand by and let it happen
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You are a registered nutritionist and speak passionately about debunking nutrition myths, what got you started on this journey? 

I saw so much misinformation online, especially on social media, that I couldn't just stand by and let it happen. I also saw how wellness companies had taken advantage of me in the past and how I had blindly believed them and I didn't want that to happen to others either. Partly because of this I did an MSc in nutrition, to ensure I was appropriately qualified to talk about these topics. 

How do you manage to actually debunk those myths?! What’s the most crazy myth you’ve heard?

Some of them are really easy to pull apart. I've sometimes dismantled myths just using GCSE biology and chemistry. Other times it requires a closer look at what the scientific literature says and whether that matches up with the claims being made. After a while you start to notice patterns and build up a pretty solid BS detector that fires up when something suspect comes up. 

There are so many crazy myths out there it's hard to choose just one. The absolute worst ones by far are the ones that put people's lives in danger, whether it's bleach enemas to cure autism (which, I'd just like to say, isn't something you need to "cure" someone of), juice fasts to cure cancer, or that sugar is a toxic substance to be avoided at all costs. The ones that make me most angry are the ones that encourage fear of food or food groups. It's totally unacceptable.

Instagram can be both a blessing and a curse, what’s your opinion on the modern day information overload?

I think Instagram can easily be a harmful influence if not used with care. It has its upsides for sure - it's a place where you can find recipe inspiration, workout ideas, and make friends with similar interests. But it's easy to get trapped in an echo-chamber whereby everyone you follow has the same views as you do, which only serves to reinforce them, never challenge them, and can make you think these ideas are more common than they maybe actually are. It's also easy to fall into a comparison trap. I strongly advocate for diversifying your social media feed: follow people who don't look like you, dress like you, eat like you, or think like you. And follow animal accounts - you can't possibly feel bad whilst looking at fluffy things!

Who inspires you and why?


My mentor Laura Thomas is an amazing person and has helped me so much as a nutritionist. I'm also inspired by the incredible skeptics in the UK and US who tirelessly cut through the huge amount of misinformation out there in the world! 

@laurathomasphd - an inspiration to Pixie.

@laurathomasphd - an inspiration to Pixie.

It can be such a daunting process for those choosing to transition to a plant based diet, what would be your best advice and what is your go to food when you’re cooking quickly at home?

I would say to people do it slowly rather than overnight, build-up a good repertoire of recipes before fully committing, and please please PLEASE take a B-12 supplement if you're avoiding all animal products. I personally find you can't go wrong with vegetable curries and giant warm salads with lots of roasted vegetables and beans.


You have a book coming out, which is extremely exciting! What can we expect to see?


The book is called 'The Wellness Rebel' and is going to be a giant mythbusting guide! Every chapter focuses on a particular nutrition myth - from gluten and sugar to superfoods - and talks through why these myths persist, and how we can become BS detectors ourselves. Each chapter then has a series of recipes that fits with the particular theme. There's a lot of information in there!

Do you have a mantra that you live by? 


I'm not really a mantra kind of person. I try to make sure that everything I say and all the information I put out online is accurate and has a positive impact. I don't mean "positive vibes only", I mean saying the negative things and counteracting bullshit to help people have a more positive relationship with food.

If you could change one thing about the world as it stands, what would it be and why?  

I would remove all weight stigma and fat-shaming. All people are worthy of respect and love, regardless of how they look. 

All people are worthy of respect and love, regardless of how they look. 

Thank you so much Pixie for letting us in on your day to day journey, how you got to where you are and the next steps for you! We adore your journey, completely agree with your ethos and are just incredibly grateful for your support along our little path. Make sure you all check out Pixie's instagram account @plantbasedpixie and blog here.