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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Chef Chloe Coscarelli for our California debut at Eat Drink Vegan festival Los Angeles!


We absolutely had to catch up with Chloe and get the inside scoop on what's happening in team Chloe this year! 

Congratulations on your new book launch, Chloe Flavor, what an incredible achievement, please would you be able to share with us what inspired you to write this?. 

 I'm constantly inspired by the abundance of plant based ingredients available and how they can be transformed. From farmers markets, to restaurants, to my friends' cooking. I wanted to put fresh new flavors into a brand new book that incorporates a new spin on some classics aswell as creating new dishes that were flavorful as well as easy for any home cook to whip up. These recipes were all created to be colorful, fun, easy and super tasty! I hope everyone feels the same.

Do you have any absolute favourites from your book that we just cannot miss out on?  (Your cinnamon roll pancakes, look absolutely divine BTW!)

 I love my Banana Donuts! People are intimated by the idea of making homemade donuts but this recipe is so easy, I’ve gotten raves from all my friends and family! And the maple glaze is just divine.

You are currently inspiring a nation to Eat Vegan, with easeand flavour, how was the process of creating your book from scratch?

I first decide what kind of food I want to eat for myself. If a recipe isn't something I want to eat then it doesn't go in the book. If the recipe is too hard then it won't make the cut either. Nobody wants to prepare a complicated recipe at the end of a hard day and I want to show people just how affordable & accessible vegan meals can be. I work hard at testing every recipe repeatedly to make sure it’s fool proof for all of my home chefs out there. I love to test these out on non-vegan skeptics too! If they love it, they can’t hide the satisfaction on their faces! I always love to surprise people with how flavorful vegan food can be.

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Not to mention your book, you’ve also recently opened an incredible restaurant in Miami, how did you find the process of opening a brand new concept?

It was so much fun being in such an exciting city like Miami! I've spent a lot of time in Miami understanding the flavors of the food scene. I crafted a menu I thought would incorporate many of the familiar ingredients we associate with Florida such as coconuts and mangos. I also wanted to create offerings that I felt there was a desire for in the area. The people of Miami couldn’t have been warmer to me and our entire staff. Everyone received this cuisine with open arms and happy bellies.

Your vision, passion, energy and kindness literally shines through everything that you do, how do you maintain your vision when building a brand from scratch yet keep your soul happy?

Thank you so much! I like to think I keep my focus on why I started. I love food, I love animals, and I love feeding people. I am so fortunate to have gotten this far and the response I get from my fans is just what pushes me. I get to see SO many smiling faces who want to come tell me how they made me recipe for their family, and what an honor that is. I have to say, I surround myself with my incredible staff, beautiful guests and great food. How could I not be beaming with love?

We are absolutely psyched to be collaborating with you for Eat Drink Vegan in LA on the 26th May, what inspired you with the burger we are making?

I’m so impressed with Vurger Co and all of their creations! I wanted to pay homage to California with the fresh avocado and also make it decadent with the truffle twist. I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with an incredible woman-owned vegan company like Vurger Co! I hope everyone loves this burger as much as we do!



Chloe will be attending the festival and will be on our stand in the afternoon to serve up some burgers and sign copies of her new book – Chloe Flavor!


WE CANNOT wait to see you there- at EAT DRINK VEGAN FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES if you don’t have a ticket – check in right now!